Evacuation Day in Tunisia

Evacuation Day in Tunisia: A Celebration of Independence and Freedom

Evacuation Day is a significant public holiday in Tunisia, commemorating the departure of the last French troops from the country and marking the end of the French colonial era. This historic event took place on October 15, 1963, and has been celebrated annually ever since.


Tunisia gained its independence from France on March 20, 1956, after a long struggle led by the nationalist Neo Destour party and its leader Habib Bourguiba. However, French military forces continued to be stationed in Tunisia under a mutual defense agreement. The presence of French troops became increasingly unpopular among the Tunisian population, and tensions between the two countries grew.

In 1961, a border conflict erupted between Tunisia and its neighbor, Algeria, resulting in a brief military confrontation with France. This incident, known as the Bizerte Crisis, highlighted the need for Tunisia to assert its sovereignty and take control of its own defense. Negotiations between Tunisia and France eventually led to the signing of the Evacuation Agreement on August 15, 1963, which stipulated the withdrawal of all French troops from Tunisian territory by October 15 of the same year.


National customs for Evacuation Day in Tunisia

Evacuation Day is a public holiday in Tunisia, and many people have the day off from work and school. The day is marked by various cultural and educational activities that aim to raise awareness of the country's history, as well as to celebrate its independence and sovereignty.

Official ceremonies, including speeches by political leaders and the laying of wreaths at monuments dedicated to national heroes, are held in the capital, Tunis, and other major cities. The Tunisian flag is prominently displayed, and patriotic songs are sung in schools and public gatherings.

Local customs for Evacuation Day in Tunisia

In addition to the national celebrations, local communities across Tunisia organize their own events and activities to mark Evacuation Day. These may include parades, cultural performances, and exhibitions showcasing the country's history and achievements since gaining independence. Local municipalities may also organize sports tournaments and other leisure activities to encourage community participation and foster a sense of national unity.


Evacuation Day is an important public holiday in Tunisia that commemorates the end of French colonial presence and the assertion of the country's sovereignty. The day is marked by various cultural and educational activities, as well as official ceremonies and local community events. As Tunisia continues to develop and grow, Evacuation Day serves as a reminder of the sacrifices made by the country's leaders and citizens in their quest for independence and self-determination.