Chakri Day in Thailand

Chakri Day, known as "Wan Chakri" in Thai, is an important event celebrated in Thailand. This day commemorates the establishment of the Chakri dynasty and honors the contributions of the Thai kings belonging to this lineage. Chakri Day is observed annually on April 6, and it is a public holiday, giving Thai citizens a day off from work and an opportunity to show their respect for their monarchs.


Chakri Day was first celebrated in 1932, following the transformation of the Thai government from an absolute monarchy to a constitutional monarchy. The Chakri dynasty was founded by King Phutthayotfa Chulalok (Rama I), who established his reign in 1782 after the fall of the Thonburi Kingdom. King Rama I moved the Thai capital from Thonburi to Bangkok, which continues to be the capital city today. Since then, the Chakri dynasty has ruled Thailand, with the current monarch, King Vajiralongkorn (Rama X), being the tenth king of this lineage.


National customs for Chakri Day in Thailand

On Chakri Day, several traditional customs and ceremonies are observed across the country. The Thai royal family, government officials, and citizens pay homage to the statues of the previous Chakri kings, primarily King Rama I. The current Thai king presides over a religious ceremony at the Royal Chapel, where high-ranking monks chant prayers and blessings for the welfare of the nation.

Wreath-laying ceremonies are also held at the Royal Plaza in Bangkok, where government officials, military personnel, and the general public pay their respects to the Chakri kings. People also visit temples to make merit and offer food to monks as a way of honoring their kings and seeking blessings for their families.

Local customs for Chakri Day in Thailand

In addition to the national customs, some local customs are observed in various regions of Thailand during Chakri Day. For instance, in Bangkok, people gather at the Chakri Memorial Park to pay their respects to King Rama I, who is considered the founding father of the city. Many local communities organize cultural events, such as traditional dance performances and exhibitions, to showcase the history and significance of the Chakri dynasty.


Chakri Day is a significant event in Thailand, as it celebrates the establishment of the Chakri dynasty and honors the contributions of the Thai kings from this lineage. The day is marked by various national and local customs, including religious ceremonies, wreath-laying, and cultural events. As a public holiday, Chakri Day offers Thai citizens a chance to express their gratitude and respect for their monarchs, while also appreciating the rich history and cultural heritage of their nation.