Victory Day in Tajikistan

Victory Day, known as "Ruzi G'alaba" in Tajikistan, is a national holiday commemorating the victory of the Soviet Union over Nazi Germany in World War II. This important event is observed annually on May 9th in Tajikistan, as well as in other former Soviet Republics.


Tajikistan, as part of the Soviet Union, began celebrating Victory Day on May 9, 1945, following the official surrender of Nazi Germany to the Soviet Union. The holiday was established to honor the sacrifices made by the Soviet people, including the citizens of Tajikistan, during the war. Many Tajiks served in the Soviet Army and contributed to the war effort in various capacities, making Victory Day a significant event in Tajikistan's history.


National customs for Victory Day in Tajikistan

Victory Day is a public holiday in Tajikistan, with many people having the day off work to observe the occasion. It is marked by various events and activities, including military parades, laying wreaths at monuments and memorials, and attending concerts and cultural events dedicated to the memory of those who fought in the war.

A key aspect of the celebrations is the honoring of veterans, with many people visiting the homes of World War II veterans to express their gratitude and offer gifts. Additionally, families often gather together on this day to share stories of their ancestors' experiences during the war, passing down these memories to younger generations.

Local customs for Victory Day in Tajikistan

In addition to the national customs, there are also local customs and traditions associated with Victory Day in different regions of Tajikistan. For example, in some areas, people organize traditional Tajik music and dance performances, as well as sporting events and competitions, to celebrate the day.

Local communities also come together to clean and maintain the graves of fallen soldiers, showing their respect and appreciation for those who made the ultimate sacrifice during the war. In rural areas, it is common for people to hold communal feasts, where neighbors and friends gather to share food and remember the contributions of their fellow Tajiks in the war effort.


Victory Day in Tajikistan is a significant event that honors the sacrifices made by the Tajik people and their fellow Soviet citizens during World War II. As a national holiday, it brings together communities across the country to pay tribute to the memory of those who fought and lost their lives in the war. Through various customs, both national and local, the people of Tajikistan ensure that the significance of Victory Day and the stories of their ancestors are preserved and passed down to future generations.