Easter Monday in Switzerland

Easter Monday, known as "Ostermontag" in German-speaking Switzerland, is a public holiday observed in Switzerland, a day after the Christian celebration of Easter Sunday. Easter Monday usually falls on the first Monday after the first full moon following the vernal equinox. This means the date may vary from year to year but typically falls between March 22nd and April 25th.


The celebration of Easter Monday in Switzerland can be traced back to early Christian traditions. It is believed that the Swiss, like many other European countries, began celebrating Easter Monday in the Middle Ages. The day is often considered an extension of the Easter festivities, giving people more time to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ and spend time with their families.


National customs for Easter Monday in Switzerland

On Easter Monday, many Swiss people enjoy a day off work, as it is a public holiday. This allows families to gather and spend quality time together, often sharing meals and participating in various recreational activities. Some Swiss families attend church services on Easter Monday, although it is less common than on Easter Sunday.

One of the most popular customs during the Easter period in Switzerland is the "Eiert├╝tschete" or egg tapping. This tradition involves tapping the tips of two hard-boiled eggs against each other to see which one cracks first. The person with the uncracked egg is considered the winner and continues to challenge others until their egg is cracked.

Local customs for Easter Monday in Switzerland

Local customs for Easter Monday in Switzerland may vary depending on the region or canton. In the canton of Valais, for example, a unique tradition called "Chlefelen" is practiced. This involves children going from house to house, making noise with cowbells and other instruments, to chase away evil spirits and welcome the spring season.

In some regions, like the canton of Appenzell, people participate in "Eggleschwemme," where children float decorated eggs down a small stream. The child whose egg reaches the finish line first without breaking is declared the winner.


Easter Monday in Switzerland is a day for families to come together and enjoy various customs and traditions, both nationally and locally. From egg tapping to unique regional practices, the Swiss people embrace the spirit of Easter and the joy it brings. While Easter Monday may not be as widely celebrated as Easter Sunday, it remains an important day for many Swiss citizens, providing an opportunity to relax and spend time with loved ones.