Mothers' Day in Spain

Mothers' Day, or "Día de la Madre" in Spanish, is a special day dedicated to honoring and celebrating mothers and the important role they play in families and society. In Spain, this holiday is observed on the first Sunday of May, which makes the date vary from year to year.


The celebration of Mothers' Day in Spain can be traced back to the early 20th century. It was first observed on December 8th, coinciding with the Feast of the Immaculate Conception, which is a significant religious event in the country. However, in 1965, the date was changed to the first Sunday of May to separate it from the religious celebration and to give mothers their own special day of recognition.

The idea of celebrating Mothers' Day in Spain was influenced by the American tradition of Mothers' Day, which was established by Anna Jarvis in the United States in 1908. Over time, the holiday has become widely popular in Spain, and it is now celebrated by people of different ages and backgrounds.


National customs for Mothers' Day in Spain

In Spain, Mothers' Day is a day for families to come together and show their love and appreciation for their mothers. It is common for children to give their mothers gifts, such as flowers, chocolates, or small tokens of appreciation. Handmade crafts or cards created by the children are also popular gifts.

Many families also take their mothers out for a special meal at a restaurant or prepare a home-cooked meal for them. It is an opportunity for families to spend quality time together, and for mothers to enjoy a day of relaxation and pampering.

Local customs for Mothers' Day in Spain

While the general customs of Mothers' Day are similar across Spain, certain regions and cities may have their own local traditions. For example, in some areas, it is customary for mothers to attend a special church service or participate in religious processions.

In addition to family gatherings and gift-giving, many schools and community organizations in Spain also host events and activities to celebrate Mothers' Day. These may include performances, art exhibitions, or workshops where children can create presents for their mothers.


Mothers' Day in Spain is a beloved tradition that allows families to come together and honor the important role that mothers play in their lives. With a rich history and a variety of customs and celebrations, this special day gives mothers the recognition and appreciation they deserve. Whether through gift-giving, spending time together, or participating in local events, Mothers' Day in Spain is a heartfelt celebration of love and gratitude.