Galicia Literature Day in Spain

Galicia Literature Day, or "Día das Letras Galegas" in Galician, is a significant event celebrated in the autonomous community of Galicia in Spain. This special day honors the Galician language and its literature by paying tribute to a distinguished Galician writer each year. Galicia Literature Day is observed on May 17th annually, and it is a public holiday in Galicia.


The celebration of Galicia Literature Day dates back to 1963 when the Royal Galician Academy, or "Real Academia Galega," decided to dedicate a day to the Galician language and its literature. The first honoree was Rosalía de Castro, a renowned Galician writer and poet, who is considered a symbol of Galician cultural identity. Since then, every year on May 17th, a different writer is honored for their contribution to the Galician literature and culture.


National customs for Galicia Literature Day in Spain

On Galicia Literature Day, various events and activities take place throughout the region to celebrate the Galician language and its literature. Some of these activities include book fairs, poetry readings, theatrical performances, and concerts. Schools and educational institutions often organize events and workshops to promote the study of Galician language and literature among students. Additionally, the Royal Galician Academy conducts a formal ceremony to honor the selected writer of the year, which is attended by prominent literary figures, politicians, and the general public.

Local customs for Galicia Literature Day in Spain

In addition to the national customs, each town and city in Galicia has its own unique way of celebrating the Galicia Literature Day. Local festivities often include traditional music and dance performances, as well as exhibitions showcasing the works of the honored writer. Many local bookstores and libraries also hold special events to promote Galician literature and encourage residents to explore the rich literary heritage of their region.


Galicia Literature Day is an essential celebration in Galicia, Spain, that highlights the importance of the Galician language and its literature. The annual event brings together people from all walks of life to appreciate and honor the works of distinguished Galician writers. Through various customs and activities, the Galicia Literature Day fosters a sense of pride among Galicians and helps preserve their rich cultural identity.