Day of Melilla in Spain

Day of Melilla, known as "Día de Melilla" in Spanish, is a significant holiday in the autonomous city of Melilla, Spain. Melilla is located on the north coast of Africa, sharing a border with Morocco. This special day is celebrated annually on September 17th, commemorating the city's conquest by Spain in 1497.


The Day of Melilla has its roots in the historical events of September 17th, 1497, when Pedro de Estopiñán, a Spanish nobleman, and his troops successfully took control of the city from the Kingdom of Fez. This important event marked the beginning of Melilla's integration into the Spanish territory, which has continued to this day despite several attempts by Morocco to reclaim the city. As a result, the people of Melilla celebrate the Day of Melilla to honor their city's history and its connection to Spain.


National customs for Day of Melilla in Spain

While the Day of Melilla is primarily celebrated within the autonomous city of Melilla itself, some elements of the festivities are acknowledged nationwide in Spain. The day is marked as a public holiday in Melilla, and government offices, schools, and many businesses are closed. The Spanish flag is often displayed prominently, symbolizing the connection between Melilla and the rest of Spain.

Local customs for Day of Melilla in Melilla

In Melilla, the Day of Melilla is a major event, with various local customs and festivities organized throughout the day. The celebrations usually include parades, concerts, and other cultural events that showcase the city's unique blend of Spanish and North African influences. It is also common for the people of Melilla to spend the day with family and friends, enjoying picnics, barbecues, and other social gatherings. Additionally, local authorities often organize special events and ceremonies to pay tribute to the historical significance of the day and to honor the bravery of those who helped establish the city's Spanish identity.


The Day of Melilla is a significant holiday in the autonomous city of Melilla, Spain, celebrated every year on September 17th. The day commemorates the city's conquest by Spain in 1497, and honors its rich history and unique cultural heritage. Both nationally and locally, the people of Melilla come together to celebrate their city's connection to Spain and its important place in the country's history.