Vesak Day in Singapore

Vesak Day, also known as "Vesakha" or "Wesak," is a significant day for Buddhists in Singapore. It commemorates the birth, enlightenment, and death of Gautama Buddha, the founder of Buddhism. In Singapore, Vesak Day is celebrated with great fervor and devotion by the Buddhist community.

The date of Vesak Day varies each year, as it is determined by the lunar calendar. It typically falls on the full moon day of the fourth lunar month, which is usually in May. In 2022, Vesak Day will be celebrated on May 16th in Singapore.


Vesak Day has been celebrated in Singapore since the early days of the nation's history when Chinese and Indian immigrants brought their Buddhist traditions to the island. The celebration gained more prominence as Singapore's Buddhist community grew and became more organized. In 1955, the Singapore Buddhist Association was formed, and Vesak Day was officially recognized as a public holiday in Singapore in 1961.


National customs for Vesak Day in Singapore

On Vesak Day, Buddhist devotees in Singapore visit temples to offer their prayers, pay homage to the Buddha, and participate in various religious activities. Temples are adorned with colorful decorations, and Buddha statues are bathed in a ritual known as "Bathing the Buddha." This symbolic act represents the purification of the mind and the washing away of greed, hatred, and ignorance.

Devotees also engage in acts of generosity, known as "Dana," by giving to the less fortunate and donating to charitable organizations. Many Buddhists also observe a vegetarian diet on Vesak Day, as a way of practicing compassion for all living beings.

In addition to religious activities, cultural events such as talks, exhibitions, and performances are organized to promote a better understanding of Buddhist teachings and values.

Local customs for Vesak Day in Singapore

Singapore is a multicultural society, and Vesak Day celebrations often reflect the diverse cultural backgrounds of the Buddhist community. While the overall theme of Vesak Day remains consistent, different ethnic groups may observe their own unique customs and traditions.

For instance, Chinese Buddhists may light joss sticks and burn paper offerings, while Sri Lankan and Burmese Buddhists may participate in Pali chanting sessions. Regardless of their cultural backgrounds, all Buddhists in Singapore come together to celebrate Vesak Day and promote a spirit of unity and harmony.


Vesak Day is an important day for Buddhists in Singapore, as it commemorates the life and teachings of Gautama Buddha. The celebration involves various religious and cultural activities, highlighting the importance of compassion, generosity, and the pursuit of enlightenment. Despite the diversity within the Buddhist community in Singapore, Vesak Day serves as a unifying event that brings people together in a shared appreciation of the Buddha's teachings and values.