Grand Magal de Touba in Senegal

The Grand Magal de Touba is a significant religious and cultural event in Senegal. Celebrated annually by millions of people, this pilgrimage commemorates the life and teachings of Sheikh Ahmadou Bamba, a revered Islamic scholar and founder of the Mouride Brotherhood in Senegal.

The Grand Magal de Touba takes place on a specific date in the Islamic lunar calendar. It is usually held on the 18th day of the Islamic month of Safar, which changes every year due to the differences between the lunar and solar calendars.


The history of the Grand Magal de Touba dates back to 1895, when Sheikh Ahmadou Bamba was exiled by French colonial authorities to Gabon for his growing influence and resistance against colonial rule. The event commemorates the day he wrote a poem called the "Massalik al-Jinan" (The Pathways to Paradise) while in exile, expressing his unwavering faith and devotion to God. Upon his return to Senegal in 1902, Sheikh Ahmadou Bamba founded the city of Touba and the Mouride Brotherhood, a Sufi order that now has millions of followers worldwide.


National customs for Grand Magal de Touba in Senegal

The Grand Magal de Touba is a national event in Senegal, and its customs are practiced by both Mourides and non-Mourides alike. The pilgrimage begins with prayers at the Great Mosque of Touba, which is the largest mosque in Senegal and the center of the Mouride Brotherhood. Pilgrims then visit the tomb of Sheikh Ahmadou Bamba and other sacred sites around the city.

Throughout the event, there are recitations of the Quran, religious teachings, and spiritual songs called "zikr" performed by the Mouride faithful. The atmosphere is festive, with food and drink being shared among pilgrims and the local community. People also donate to charities and engage in acts of community service as part of their religious duties.

Local customs for Grand Magal de Touba in Senegal

In addition to the national customs, there are also unique local customs practiced during the Grand Magal de Touba. These customs vary among the different Mouride communities in Senegal and may include special prayers, rituals, and ceremonies. For example, some pilgrims may visit the village of Darou Marnane, where Sheikh Ahmadou Bamba's mother is buried, and pay their respects.

Another local custom is the "Waqf," a voluntary service performed by Mouride disciples for the benefit of the community. During the Grand Magal de Touba, many disciples participate in the Waqf, offering their time and skills in various areas such as cooking, cleaning, and providing medical assistance.


The Grand Magal de Touba is a deeply spiritual and culturally rich event in Senegal that brings together millions of people from diverse backgrounds to celebrate the life and teachings of Sheikh Ahmadou Bamba. The pilgrimage is an opportunity for individuals to strengthen their faith, engage in acts of charity, and immerse themselves in the unique customs and traditions of the Mouride Brotherhood.