Russia Day in Russia

Russia Day, known as "День России" in Russian, is a national holiday celebrated in Russia to commemorate the country's sovereignty. This important day in Russian history is observed annually on June 12th.


The origins of Russia Day can be traced back to June 12th, 1990, when the First Congress of People's Deputies of the Russian Federation adopted the Declaration of State Sovereignty of the Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic (RSFSR). This declaration marked the start of a new era for Russia and its push for independence from the Soviet Union. The RSFSR was later renamed the Russian Federation on December 25, 1991. Russia Day was officially established as a national holiday in 1992, and its current name was introduced in 2002 by then-President Vladimir Putin.


National customs for Russia Day in Russia

Russia Day is a day of national pride and unity, and it is celebrated with a variety of festivities and events all over the country. The day usually begins with the President of Russia presenting state awards to distinguished citizens for their achievements in various fields such as science, culture, sports, and public service.

Throughout the day, there are parades, concerts, and exhibitions showcasing Russian history, culture, and achievements. Many Russians use this day as an opportunity to spend time with their families and friends, often attending picnics, barbecues, or other outdoor gatherings. Fireworks displays are also a popular way to end the day's celebrations, with many cities hosting spectacular shows for the public to enjoy.

Local customs for Russia Day in Russia

In addition to the national customs, there are numerous local customs and traditions associated with Russia Day. Each region and city in Russia celebrates the holiday in its own unique way, incorporating local history, culture, and traditions.

For example, in Moscow, the capital city of Russia, the celebrations often include a grand military parade, street performances, and various cultural events. In St. Petersburg, Russia's cultural capital, there are boat parades along the Neva River, open-air concerts, and various art exhibitions. Meanwhile, in smaller towns and rural areas, local communities often hold their own events, such as sports competitions, folk festivals, and traditional crafts fairs.


Russia Day is a significant event in Russian history, marking the country's journey towards independence and sovereignty. It is a day of national pride, unity, and celebration, with various customs and traditions observed both nationally and locally. This annual holiday is an opportunity for Russians to come together and celebrate their rich cultural heritage and achievements, making it an important and festive occasion for the entire nation.