Maulid un-Nabi in the Philippines

Maulid un-Nabi, also known as Mawlid or Eid Milad an-Nabi, is the celebration of the birth of the Prophet Muhammad in the Philippines. This significant event is observed by both Sunni and Shia Muslims, who commemorate the occasion with various religious and cultural activities.

In the Philippines, Maulid un-Nabi is usually celebrated on the 12th day of Rabi' al-Awwal, the third month of the Islamic lunar calendar. However, the exact date may vary each year, as the Islamic calendar is based on the lunar cycle. To determine the specific date, Filipino Muslims rely on the sighting of the new moon.


The tradition of celebrating Maulid un-Nabi in the Philippines can be traced back to the arrival of Islam in the country in the late 14th century. Islam was introduced to the Philippines through Arab traders and missionaries, particularly in the southern regions of the country. The celebration gained prominence as Islam spread across the archipelago, becoming an important event for Filipino Muslims.


National customs for Maulid un-Nabi in the Philippines

Maulid un-Nabi is a public holiday in the Philippines. The national customs observed by Filipino Muslims during this event include attending special prayer services at mosques, participating in religious lectures about the life and teachings of the Prophet Muhammad, and organizing community gatherings to share meals and strengthen bonds.

Some Filipino Muslims also engage in acts of charity and volunteer work during Maulid un-Nabi. This may include distributing food to the poor or visiting orphanages and elderly homes to provide assistance and comfort to the residents.

Local customs for Maulid un-Nabi in the Philippines

Local customs for Maulid un-Nabi in the Philippines vary depending on the region and the cultural practices of the local Muslim community. In the southern region of Mindanao, for example, the Maranao people observe the "Kanduli", a traditional feast where families and friends gather to share food and celebrate the Prophet's birth.

In other areas, cultural performances such as singing, dancing, and poetry recitations are held to honor the Prophet Muhammad's teachings and wisdom. These events serve as an opportunity for the community to come together and express their gratitude for the blessings and guidance they have received through their faith.


Maulid un-Nabi is a significant event for Filipino Muslims, allowing them to honor the birth of the Prophet Muhammad and reflect on his teachings. The celebration fosters a sense of unity and connection among the Muslim community in the Philippines, through religious activities, acts of charity, and various cultural customs. As the country continues to embrace its diverse religious traditions and customs, Maulid un-Nabi remains a valuable occasion for Filipino Muslims to strengthen their faith and contribute to the harmony and understanding within the nation.