Father's Day in Peru

Father's Day, also known as "Día del Padre" in Spanish, is an annual celebration in Peru dedicated to honoring and appreciating fathers and father figures. This special day is observed on the third Sunday of June, just like in many other countries around the world.


Father's Day in Peru was first celebrated in the early 20th century, following the global trend of recognizing and honoring fathers' role in society. The United States is generally considered the birthplace of the modern Father's Day, with the first official celebration taking place in 1910. The tradition then spread to other countries, including Peru, where it has been embraced with great enthusiasm.


National customs for Father's Day in Peru

On Father's Day, Peruvian families come together to spend quality time and express their love and gratitude to their fathers. Many children give their fathers gifts, such as handmade crafts, cards, or small presents. It is also common for families to go out for a special meal or to cook a traditional Peruvian dish at home.

One popular dish that is often prepared on Father's Day is "anticuchos," which are skewers of marinated meat, usually beef heart, grilled to perfection and served with boiled potatoes and corn. This dish is a favorite among Peruvian dads and is enjoyed by many families during their Father's Day celebrations.

Some families also attend church services to pray for their fathers and to seek blessings for their family. Many churches in Peru hold special Father's Day masses, where fathers are recognized and celebrated for their dedication and love.

Local customs for Father's Day in Peru

While the national customs for Father's Day in Peru are observed across the country, some communities may have their own unique traditions. In some regions, families might organize sports events or competitions for fathers, such as soccer matches or races, to encourage bonding and create lasting memories. These local events often include food, music, and dancing, making Father's Day a lively and festive occasion for everyone involved.

In other areas, schools and community organizations might host special events or performances to honor fathers and celebrate their contributions to the community. These events may include cultural performances, such as traditional dances or music, as well as speeches and presentations that recognize the important role fathers play in society.


Father's Day in Peru is a heartfelt celebration that brings families and communities together to express their love and appreciation for fathers and father figures. Through a mix of national customs and unique local traditions, Peruvians have created a special day that honors the important role of fathers in their lives and in society as a whole.