Chaco Armistice in Paraguay

The Chaco Armistice is a significant event in Paraguay's history, marking the end of the Chaco War between Paraguay and Bolivia. The armistice took place on June 12, 1935, and is commemorated annually in Paraguay as a national holiday.


The Chaco War, also known as La Guerra del Chaco, was a conflict between Paraguay and Bolivia over control of the Chaco Boreal region, a vast and mostly unpopulated area in South America. The war began on June 15, 1932, and lasted for almost three years, resulting in the deaths of tens of thousands of soldiers and civilians from both sides.

The Chaco Armistice was signed on June 12, 1935, putting an end to the fighting and eventually leading to the negotiation of a peace treaty in 1938. The armistice was achieved through the intervention of several South American countries, including Argentina, Brazil, Chile, and Peru, which acted as mediators in the conflict. The signing of the armistice marked a turning point for Paraguay, as the country emerged victorious and gained control over most of the disputed territory.


National customs for Chaco Armistice in Paraguay

On the Chaco Armistice Day, Paraguay remembers the sacrifices made by its soldiers and citizens during the war. The day is marked by military parades, patriotic speeches, and solemn ceremonies throughout the country. The President of Paraguay usually participates in the events, laying wreaths at war memorials and honoring the fallen soldiers.

Schools and government institutions in Paraguay also organize educational programs and activities to raise awareness about the significance of the Chaco Armistice and the importance of maintaining peace in the region. Additionally, many families gather to remember their loved ones who fought or lost their lives during the conflict.

Local customs for Chaco Armistice in Paraguay

In addition to the national customs, local communities in Paraguay also observe their unique traditions to commemorate the Chaco Armistice. For example, in the city of AsunciĆ³n, the capital of Paraguay, various cultural events, including concerts and exhibitions, are organized to celebrate the day. In the Chaco region itself, indigenous communities hold special ceremonies and rituals to honor the memory of their ancestors who were affected by the war.


The Chaco Armistice is a crucial event in Paraguayan history, signifying the end of a devastating conflict and the country's triumph over adversity. Each year, the people of Paraguay come together to remember the sacrifices made during the war and to honor the bravery of their soldiers. The Chaco Armistice Day serves as a reminder of the importance of peace and the need for mutual understanding and cooperation among nations.