Colon Day in Panama

Colon Day, or "Día del Colón" in Spanish, is a national holiday in Panama that commemorates the founding of the city of Colón in 1850. This important historical event is celebrated annually on November 5th.


Colon Day traces its origins back to the founding of the city of Colón on November 5, 1850. Colón was established by the American William H. Aspinwall, who was a key figure in the construction of the Panama Railroad. The city was named in honor of Christopher Columbus (Cristóbal Colón in Spanish), the famous Italian explorer who "discovered" America. The celebration of Colon Day began as a way to honor the city's foundation and its significant role in Panama's history, as well as to pay tribute to the country's rich cultural heritage.


National customs for Colon Day in Panama

Colon Day is a public holiday in Panama, meaning that schools, banks, and most businesses are closed. The day is marked by various festivities and events held across the country. Parades and street parties featuring traditional Panamanian music and dance are common during the celebration. People dress in colorful traditional attire and enjoy traditional Panamanian cuisine.

In addition to the parades and street parties, there are also speeches and ceremonies to honor the history of Colón and its importance in Panama's development. Political figures and community leaders often participate in these events, reflecting on the significance of the city and its impact on the nation's progress.

Local customs for Colon Day in Panama

In the city of Colón itself, the celebrations are particularly grand and vibrant. Locals take great pride in their city's history and heritage, and the festivities are a time for the community to come together and celebrate their shared identity. The streets are filled with music, dancing, and laughter as residents and visitors alike enjoy the lively atmosphere.

Local schools and organizations often participate in the parades and performances, showcasing their talents and adding to the festive spirit of the day. In some neighborhoods, families and friends gather for private parties, sharing food and drinks while enjoying each other's company.


Colon Day is an important and vibrant celebration in Panama, honoring the founding of the city of Colón and its crucial role in the country's history. With lively parades, street parties, and traditional cultural displays, the day offers a chance for Panamanians to come together and celebrate their rich heritage and the legacy of the city that played such a significant part in their nation's development.