Day of the Tribes observed in Nauru

Day of the Tribes Observed in Nauru

Day of the Tribes is a significant cultural event celebrated in the small island nation of Nauru. This special day is observed annually on the first Monday of October, which is a public holiday for the citizens of the country.


The Day of the Tribes was first celebrated in Nauru in the early 20th century. It was initiated to foster a sense of unity and pride among the twelve tribes that make up the Nauruan population. These tribes are known as Eamwit, Eamwidara, Eamwidum, Eamwitonga, Eamwita, Eamwimwit, Eamwiru, Eamwi, Eamwiora, Eamwiny, Eamwiwea, and Eamwiate. The celebration aims to promote understanding and appreciation for the diverse cultural heritage and traditions of the tribes, as well as to strengthen the bonds between them.


National customs for Day of the Tribes in Nauru

On the Day of the Tribes, Nauruans engage in various activities to celebrate their tribal heritage. One of the main highlights of the event is the traditional dance performances, which showcase the unique styles and movements of each tribe. Dancers dress in colorful outfits and adornments, reflecting their tribal affiliations. Traditional music, played on instruments such as the drums and the ukulele, accompanies the dances.

In addition to the dance performances, feasting is another important aspect of the Day of the Tribes. Nauruans prepare and share traditional dishes made from local ingredients, such as seafood, coconut, and pandanus fruit. Food is often cooked in earth ovens called "umw," which are heated using hot stones. Sharing a meal with family and friends is a symbol of unity and togetherness during this special day.

Local customs for Day of the Tribes in Nauru

While the Day of the Tribes is celebrated across Nauru, each tribe may have its unique customs and traditions. Some tribes may engage in traditional sports such as wrestling, canoe racing, or spear throwing, while others may organize arts and crafts exhibitions to showcase their skills in weaving, pottery, and wood carving. These local customs help to preserve the unique cultural heritage of each tribe and foster a sense of belonging among the community members.


The Day of the Tribes in Nauru is an important event that brings the island's diverse population together in a celebration of their shared heritage and cultural identity. By participating in traditional activities and engaging in customs unique to their tribes, Nauruans are able to strengthen the bonds between them and promote a sense of unity and pride in their nation.