Constitution Day in Nauru

Constitution Day in Nauru

Constitution Day is a national holiday in the Republic of Nauru, a small island country in Micronesia. This day commemorates the adoption of the Nauruan Constitution, which took place on January 31, 1968.

When Constitution Day is in Nauru, it is celebrated annually on January 31st. If the day falls on a weekend, the holiday is observed on the following Monday, ensuring that residents have a day off to participate in the festivities.


Nauru began celebrating Constitution Day on January 31, 1968, when the country adopted its Constitution, which marked the end of the Nauruan Legislative Council and the creation of the Nauruan Parliament. This significant event paved the way for Nauru to gain independence from Australia later that year on January 31, 1968. The Nauruan Constitution established a democratic system of government and set out the fundamental rights and freedoms of the Nauruan people.


National customs for Constitution Day in Nauru

Constitution Day in Nauru is a time for the citizens to come together and celebrate the establishment of their nation and the principles enshrined in their Constitution. The day is marked by various events and activities across the country, including flag-raising ceremonies, speeches by political leaders, and cultural performances showcasing traditional Nauruan music and dance. Additionally, the government may organize public events such as sports competitions and community gatherings to foster national unity and pride.

Local customs for Constitution Day in Nauru

Given Nauru's small size and population, local customs for celebrating Constitution Day are not vastly different from the national customs. Communities across the island come together to host local events, such as feasts, games, and cultural performances. Families and friends often gather to share traditional Nauruan meals and discuss the importance of the Constitution in their daily lives.


Constitution Day in Nauru is a significant event that commemorates the adoption of the Nauruan Constitution, which laid the foundation for the country's independence and democratic system of government. Celebrated annually on January 31st, this national holiday is an opportunity for Nauruans to express their pride in their country and reflect on the values and principles that unite them as a nation.