Youth Day in Morocco

Youth Day in Morocco: A Celebration of the Future

Youth Day in Morocco, locally known as "Eid Al Chabab," is a significant annual event dedicated to celebrating the country's young population and their valuable contributions to society. This nationwide celebration takes place on August 21st every year, providing an opportunity for Moroccans to recognize the potential and achievements of their youth.


Youth Day in Morocco was first established in 1959 by the late King Hassan II, who himself was young at the time of his ascension to the throne. The celebration was initiated to honor the birthday of the young king and to acknowledge the importance of investing in the younger generation, who represent the future of the nation. Over the years, the significance of Youth Day has evolved to encompass a broader focus on the development and empowerment of Morocco's youth.


National customs for Youth Day in Morocco

Youth Day in Morocco is marked by various events and activities organized across the country. These events aim to promote the talents, creativity, and achievements of young Moroccans in various fields, such as education, sports, arts, and entrepreneurship. Some of the key activities include cultural performances, educational workshops, sporting events, and youth-centered conferences.

Additionally, the Moroccan government often uses this occasion to announce new initiatives and programs focused on youth development and empowerment. These initiatives may include educational scholarships, training programs, and employment opportunities to support the growth and success of young Moroccans.

Local customs for Youth Day in Morocco

While the national customs for Youth Day are observed throughout the country, individual cities and communities may also host their own unique celebrations. These local events often showcase the specific talents and achievements of young people within their communities, offering a platform for them to express their creativity and share their ideas with others.

Local schools, universities, and youth organizations play a significant role in organizing these events, which may include art exhibitions, talent shows, debates, and community service projects. These activities not only celebrate the accomplishments of young individuals but also foster a sense of unity and pride within their communities.


Youth Day in Morocco is an important annual event that serves to recognize and celebrate the potential and achievements of the country's younger generation. Through a variety of national and local customs, the celebration highlights the valuable contributions of young Moroccans in various fields and underscores the importance of investing in their development and empowerment. As the future leaders and innovators of Morocco, the youth are an essential part of the country's progress and growth, and Youth Day serves as a reminder of their critical role in shaping the nation's future.