Statehood Day Holiday in Montenegro

Statehood Day Holiday, known as Dan državnosti in the local language, is a significant public holiday in Montenegro. It is a day to celebrate and remember the country's rich history, culture, and achievements as an independent nation. Statehood Day Holiday is observed on July 13th every year.


Montenegro began celebrating Statehood Day Holiday on July 13th, 2006, when the country regained its independence after separating from the State Union of Serbia and Montenegro. The date itself holds historical significance, as it marks two important events in Montenegro's history. The first event took place on July 13, 1878, when the Congress of Berlin recognized Montenegro as the 27th independent state in the world. The second event occurred on July 13, 1941, when the Montenegrins staged an uprising against the fascist occupiers during World War II.


National customs for Statehood Day Holiday in Montenegro

Statehood Day Holiday in Montenegro is a day of national pride and unity. The country organizes various events, such as concerts, exhibitions, and shows, to celebrate the occasion. Additionally, national and local institutions, as well as businesses, often organize events to mark the holiday. The Montenegrin flag is prominently displayed in public spaces, and citizens often wear traditional Montenegrin clothing to celebrate their heritage.

Local customs for Statehood Day Holiday in Montenegro

While Statehood Day Holiday is a national event, local customs and traditions may vary across different regions in Montenegro. In some areas, local communities organize cultural events, such as folk dance performances, traditional music concerts, and food festivals showcasing Montenegrin cuisine. In other areas, people may visit historical sites, monuments, and museums to learn more about the country's history and heritage.


Statehood Day Holiday in Montenegro is an important event that brings the nation together in celebration of its historical milestones and rich cultural heritage. The holiday serves as a reminder of Montenegro's hard-fought battles for independence, freedom, and unity. With its combination of national and local customs, Statehood Day Holiday is a unique and meaningful way for Montenegrins to come together and pay tribute to their country's history, culture, and achievements.