Capital City Day in Mongolia

Capital City Day, known as "Ulaanbaatar Day" in Mongolia, is a significant annual event celebrating the establishment and development of Mongolia's capital city, Ulaanbaatar. The celebration takes place on the first Saturday of July each year, with various festivities and events organized throughout the city.


Capital City Day, or Ulaanbaatar Day, was first celebrated in 1963 to commemorate the founding of Ulaanbaatar as the capital city of Mongolia. The city has a rich history dating back to its establishment in 1639 as a nomadic Buddhist monastic center. The city's name has changed several times throughout history, with Ulaanbaatar (meaning "Red Hero") being officially adopted in 1924 when Mongolia declared independence. The annual celebration not only marks the city's founding but also highlights its historical significance and continued development as the political, economic, and cultural center of Mongolia.


National customs for Capital City Day in Mongolia

Capital City Day in Mongolia is a time for citizens to come together and celebrate their shared history and pride in their capital city. The day is marked by various events and festivities, including parades, concerts, exhibitions, and sports competitions. The city's central square, Sukhbaatar Square, serves as the main venue for many of these events, with stages and displays set up to showcase the city's history and cultural heritage.

Traditional Mongolian music and dance performances are also a significant part of the celebrations, with artists and performers dressed in colorful traditional costumes. Food also plays a vital role in the festivities, with vendors and restaurants offering an array of traditional Mongolian cuisine for visitors to enjoy.

Local customs for Capital City Day in Mongolia

While Capital City Day is celebrated across Ulaanbaatar, local customs and traditions may vary from one district to another. In some areas, communities may organize their own events and activities to mark the occasion, ranging from neighborhood gatherings to cultural performances and sporting events. The spirit of camaraderie and local pride is evident during these celebrations, with residents coming together to enjoy the festivities and support their community.


Capital City Day in Mongolia is a significant event that celebrates the establishment and growth of Ulaanbaatar as the nation's capital. The annual event allows citizens to come together and take pride in their city's history, culture, and achievements, while also enjoying a range of fun and engaging activities. From parades and concerts to traditional performances and delicious food, Capital City Day is a time for reflection, celebration, and unity for the people of Ulaanbaatar and Mongolia as a whole.