Good Friday in Lithuania

Good Friday in Lithuania: A Day of Reflection and Tradition

Good Friday, known as "Didysis Penktadienis" in Lithuanian, is an important Christian holiday in Lithuania that commemorates the crucifixion of Jesus Christ and his subsequent death at Calvary. This solemn occasion is observed by Christians all around the world, and in Lithuania, it is a day of reflection and tradition.

Good Friday in Lithuania is observed on the Friday before Easter Sunday, which falls between March 20th and April 23rd. The date is calculated based on the lunar calendar, and it changes every year.


The observance of Good Friday in Lithuania can be traced back to the establishment of Christianity in the country in the 14th century. Lithuania was the last European country to adopt Christianity as its official religion, which occurred in 1387 under the rule of Grand Duke Jogaila and Queen Jadwiga. Since then, Good Friday has been an essential part of the religious and cultural calendar in Lithuania.


National customs for Good Friday in Lithuania

On Good Friday, Lithuanians observe various customs and traditions to mark the significance of the day. One of the most important customs is attending church services. Many people go to church to participate in special prayers, meditations, and liturgies dedicated to the suffering and death of Jesus Christ. During the services, the Stations of the Cross, a series of 14 images depicting the events leading up to the crucifixion, are often contemplated.

Fasting is another common practice on Good Friday, as people abstain from eating meat and other indulgent foods, opting for simple meals instead. This act of self-discipline and sacrifice is a way for believers to connect with the sufferings of Christ and to prepare themselves spiritually for the celebration of his resurrection on Easter Sunday.

In addition to fasting, it is customary to refrain from any joyful or celebratory activities on this day. Many businesses, schools, and offices are closed, and the atmosphere is generally quiet and contemplative.

Local customs for Good Friday in Lithuania

In different regions of Lithuania, there are various local customs practiced on Good Friday. One such tradition is the creation of "Verba" – intricate and beautifully crafted palm branches made from dried flowers, grasses, and herbs. These decorative branches are brought to church on Palm Sunday and are later placed in homes as a symbol of protection and blessing.

In some regions, people use Good Friday as an opportunity to visit the graves of deceased family members, offering prayers and lighting candles in their memory. This practice is a way of connecting with loved ones who have passed away and acknowledging the hope of eternal life that Easter represents.


Good Friday in Lithuania is a day of deep reflection and solemnity, as people remember the crucifixion of Jesus Christ and the significance of his sacrifice. Through various national and local customs, Lithuanians honor this important day and prepare themselves for the joyful celebration of Easter Sunday.