Victory Day in Kazakhstan

Victory Day in Kazakhstan: A Celebration of Heroes and History

Victory Day, or День Победы in Kazakh, is a significant national holiday in Kazakhstan. It commemorates the victory of the Soviet Union and its allies over Nazi Germany in World War II, as well as honoring the sacrifices and heroism of the Kazakh people during this devastating conflict.

Victory Day is celebrated annually on May 9th in Kazakhstan, coinciding with the day when Nazi Germany officially surrendered to the Soviet Union in 1945. This date remains constant, allowing people in Kazakhstan to plan celebrations and remembrances accordingly.


Kazakhstan, as a part of the Soviet Union, began celebrating Victory Day shortly after the conclusion of World War II. The first official celebration was held on June 24, 1945, following a decree by the Supreme Soviet of the USSR. This date was later changed to May 9th in 1946, which has remained the official date for Victory Day celebrations ever since. The holiday holds immense significance for Kazakhstan, as over one million Kazakh citizens fought in the war, with many losing their lives in the struggle against fascism.


National customs for Victory Day in Kazakhstan

Victory Day in Kazakhstan is marked by a range of national customs that pay tribute to the memory of those who fought and sacrificed in World War II. One of the most significant customs is the laying of wreaths at war memorials and monuments throughout the country. This is often accompanied by a moment of silence, allowing citizens to reflect on the immense sacrifices made during the war.

Another important custom is the Victory Day parade, which often includes a display of military hardware, as well as performances by military bands and marching formations. These parades not only honor the memory of those who fought in World War II but also serve as a reminder of Kazakhstan's ongoing commitment to maintaining peace and security.

In addition to official commemorations, many families in Kazakhstan use Victory Day as an opportunity to visit the graves of their loved ones who served in the war, laying flowers and paying their respects. It is also common for people to share stories and memories of their family members who fought in the conflict, ensuring that their bravery and sacrifices are never forgotten.

Local customs for Victory Day in Kazakhstan

While Victory Day is a national holiday celebrated throughout the country, there are also a variety of local customs that can be observed in different regions of Kazakhstan. In some areas, local cultural performances and exhibitions may be organized to showcase the unique history and traditions of the region. These events not only help to preserve local culture but also serve as an opportunity for people to come together and reflect on the sacrifices made during the war.

In addition, local communities may choose to honor their war heroes in a variety of ways, such as by organizing special events, dedicating monuments, or even naming streets and buildings after them. These gestures help to ensure that the memory of these brave individuals lives on for future generations.


Victory Day in Kazakhstan is a deeply significant and emotional event, marked by a range of customs and traditions that honor the memory of those who fought and sacrificed during World War II. From national parades and wreath-laying ceremonies to local cultural events and personal acts of remembrance, the people of Kazakhstan come together on May 9th each year to ensure that the heroism and bravery of their ancestors are never forgotten.