Good Friday in Jersey

Good Friday in Jersey: A Day of Remembrance and Reflection

Good Friday, also known as Vendredi Saint in French, is a significant religious event in Jersey. It commemorates the crucifixion of Jesus Christ and his death at Calvary. Good Friday is observed on the Friday before Easter Sunday, and its date varies each year as it is based on the lunar calendar; it falls between March 20th and April 23rd.


The celebration of Good Friday in Jersey dates back centuries, as the island has a strong Christian heritage. The Channel Islands, including Jersey, were Christianized during the Roman period, and Christianity has been the dominant religion since then. Over time, the observance of Good Friday has evolved, reflecting the changes in religious practices and cultural traditions on the island. Today, it is a public holiday in Jersey, and many people use the day to attend church services and reflect on the sacrifice of Jesus Christ.


National customs for Good Friday in Jersey

In Jersey, Good Friday is a day of solemn remembrance and reflection. Many residents attend church services, where they participate in various religious rituals and prayers. Some churches in Jersey hold special services that include the reading of the Passion narrative from the Bible, recounting the events leading up to Jesus' crucifixion. In addition, some churches organize processions, re-enacting the journey of Jesus to Calvary.

Fasting is another common practice on Good Friday in Jersey. Many people choose to abstain from meat or fast entirely, as a way of showing their respect and gratitude for Jesus' sacrifice. This tradition is rooted in the Christian belief that Jesus died on the cross to save humanity from sin.

Local customs for Good Friday in Jersey

While there are no unique or specific local customs for Good Friday in Jersey, the island's close proximity to France and England has influenced its traditions. Some people may choose to attend or watch French or British Good Friday processions and events, either online or in person, as a way of connecting with the broader Christian community.

Furthermore, Jersey's natural beauty and coastal landscapes offer residents and visitors an opportunity to spend Good Friday outdoors, reflecting on the significance of the day in a serene and peaceful environment. Many people use the day to spend time with family and friends, as well as taking part in charitable activities, emphasizing the values of compassion and sacrifice associated with Good Friday.


Good Friday in Jersey is a significant religious event that brings the community together in remembrance of Jesus Christ's crucifixion and death. The island's Christian heritage and strong ties to France and England have shaped the way Good Friday is observed, with a focus on attending church services, fasting, and reflecting on the meaning of sacrifice. As a public holiday, it offers residents an opportunity to spend time with loved ones and engage in acts of kindness and charity, embodying the spirit of Good Friday.