The Feast of Saint Januarius in Italy

The Feast of Saint Januarius, known as La Festa di San Gennaro in Italian, is a popular religious and cultural event celebrated in Italy. This special occasion, dedicated to the patron saint of Naples, Saint Januarius or San Gennaro, occurs annually on September 19th.


The Feast of Saint Januarius has been celebrated in Italy since at least the 4th century when the saint was martyred. Saint Januarius was a Bishop of Benevento who was persecuted and beheaded during the Diocletian persecution in 305 AD. It is believed that a vial of his blood was preserved after his death and has since been the centerpiece of this annual celebration.

The miracle of San Gennaro is the most famous aspect of this feast day. The preserved blood of the saint, which is usually solid, is said to miraculously liquefy when brought close to his relics during the celebration. This miraculous event has been recorded since 1389 and is considered a powerful symbol of faith and divine intervention.


National customs for The Feast of Saint Januarius in Italy

Throughout Italy, particularly in Naples, the Feast of Saint Januarius is celebrated with religious processions, prayers, and Masses in honor of the saint. The main event takes place at the Naples Cathedral, where the vial of Saint Januarius' blood is brought out for public veneration. If the blood liquefies, it is considered a sign of good fortune and divine protection for the city and its inhabitants.

In addition to religious observances, the feast day is also marked by cultural events, such as concerts, performances, and food festivals. Traditional Neapolitan dishes, like pastries and pizzas, are enjoyed by locals and visitors alike during the celebrations.

Local customs for The Feast of Saint Januarius in Italy

While the Feast of Saint Januarius is celebrated throughout Italy, it holds special significance in Naples, where the saint is the city's patron. The streets of Naples are adorned with decorations, and processions take place throughout the city. The people of Naples also have a tradition of offering silver items to the saint as a sign of gratitude and devotion, which are then displayed in the Naples Cathedral's Treasure Chapel.

Another important local custom is the San Gennaro Lottery, a traditional lottery held during the celebrations. Participants purchase tickets in the hope of winning prizes, with the proceeds going to charitable causes in the city.


The Feast of Saint Januarius is a significant event in Italy, particularly in Naples, where the miraculous liquefaction of the saint's blood serves as a powerful symbol of faith and divine protection. The celebrations combine religious devotion with cultural festivities, making it an important occasion for both the local community and visitors.