Easter Monday in Italy

Easter Monday, known as Pasquetta in Italy, is a public holiday celebrated the day after Easter Sunday. Pasquetta, which means "Little Easter," is a time for Italians to relax and enjoy the company of family and friends, often participating in outdoor activities and picnics. The date of Easter Monday changes every year, as it is calculated based on the lunar calendar. In general, Easter Monday falls between March 22nd and April 25th.


The origins of Easter Monday in Italy can be traced back to ancient Christian traditions. The day after Easter Sunday was initially observed as a day of rest and reflection on the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Over time, the significance of the holiday evolved, and it became a day to celebrate the arrival of spring and new life. The concept of Pasquetta was officially established as a public holiday in Italy in 1949, following World War II, to give workers a day of rest and relaxation.


National customs for Easter Monday in Italy

Across Italy, Easter Monday is generally spent with family and friends, enjoying outdoor activities and taking advantage of the spring weather. One of the most common customs is to go on a "scampagnata," which is a leisurely picnic in the countryside or a local park. Traditional Italian Easter foods, such as lamb, eggs, and various sweets, are often enjoyed during these picnics.

Another popular activity during Pasquetta is attending local festivals or events, many of which are held throughout the country. These events can include food and wine tastings, concerts, and traditional games or competitions. Overall, the national customs of Easter Monday in Italy revolve around spending quality time with loved ones and enjoying the outdoors.

Local customs for Easter Monday in Italy

In addition to the national customs, various regions and towns in Italy have their own unique ways of celebrating Easter Monday. For example, in the town of Panicale in Umbria, locals participate in an annual cheese-rolling competition called the "Ruzzolone." Competitors roll large wheels of cheese around the town's perimeter, with the goal of completing the course in the fewest number of throws.

In the northern region of Lombardy, a historical reenactment called the "Corsa dei Buoi" takes place in the town of Lecco. During this event, participants dressed in traditional costumes race through the streets with a pair of oxen, celebrating the area's agricultural history.


Easter Monday, or Pasquetta, is a beloved holiday in Italy that allows people to enjoy the company of family and friends while welcoming the arrival of spring. With a combination of national customs, such as picnics and outdoor activities, and unique local traditions, Easter Monday is a day of relaxation and celebration throughout the country.