Parsi New Year in India

Parsi New Year, also known as Navroz or Nowruz, is a significant celebration in India, particularly among the Parsi community. Navroz, which translates to "new day" in Persian, marks the beginning of the Iranian calendar and is observed by Zoroastrians and people of Iranian heritage worldwide. In India, the Parsi New Year typically falls in August, with the date determined by the Shahenshahi calendar, a solar calendar followed by the Parsi community.


The Parsi New Year celebration in India can be traced back to the arrival of the Zoroastrians, or Parsis, from Persia in the 8th century. Fleeing religious persecution in their homeland, they settled in Gujarat, a coastal state in western India, where they were welcomed by the local ruler, Jadi Rana. The Parsi community in India has since grown and integrated into the Indian society, while preserving their unique cultural and religious identity. Navroz has been celebrated by the Parsis in India for over a thousand years, highlighting the importance of renewal and new beginnings.


National customs for Parsi New Year in India

Throughout India, the Parsi community celebrates Navroz with great enthusiasm and a variety of customs. The day typically begins with prayers at the local fire temple, or Agiary, where the sacred fire is worshipped. Parsis dress in traditional attire, with men wearing dagli, a white coat, and women donning a saree with a unique Parsi embroidery called gara.

Homes are cleaned and decorated with rangoli, intricate patterns made from colorful powders, and fresh flowers. The entrance of the house is adorned with a toran, a decorative hanging made from flowers and leaves, symbolizing prosperity and good fortune.

A significant aspect of the Parsi New Year celebration is the preparation and sharing of traditional delicacies. Popular dishes include patra ni machhi (fish steamed in banana leaves), sali boti (meat curry with fried potatoes), and lagan nu custard (a sweet baked dessert). Families and friends gather to enjoy these festive meals, exchange gifts, and offer good wishes for the coming year.

Local customs for Parsi New Year in India

While the national customs are observed by Parsis across India, there are some regional variations in the celebrations. In Gujarat, the Parsi community organizes cultural events and performances, while in cities like Mumbai, which has a large Parsi population, there are grand feasts and parties at Parsi clubs and associations. New Year greetings are exchanged with the phrase "Navroz Mubarak," wishing happiness and prosperity for the year ahead.


The Parsi New Year is a vibrant and cherished tradition in India, reflecting the rich cultural heritage of the Parsi community. With its emphasis on renewal, gratitude, and the importance of family and community, Navroz continues to be a significant and meaningful celebration for Parsis in India and around the world.