Fathers' Day in Ghana

Fathers' Day in Ghana: A Celebration of Fatherhood and Paternal Bonds

In Ghana, Fathers' Day is a special occasion dedicated to honoring fathers and celebrating fatherhood, paternal bonds, and the influence of fathers in society. The event is recognized and celebrated by many people across the country, with the local name for the event being "Dada Awurade" in the Twi language.

Fathers' Day in Ghana is observed on the third Sunday of June every year, in line with the international Fathers' Day celebration. This means that the date changes yearly, but it is always within the month of June.


Although the exact origin of celebrating Fathers' Day in Ghana is not well documented, it is believed to have been influenced by the popularization of the event in the United States. The concept of Fathers' Day was introduced in the early 20th century in the United States, and over the years, the idea spread across the world, including Ghana. Fathers' Day has since become an annual event in Ghana, with people taking the time to appreciate and celebrate their fathers and father figures.


National customs for Fathers' Day in Ghana

Fathers' Day in Ghana is marked by various activities and gestures aimed at appreciating fathers for their roles in the family and society. Some of the customs include giving gifts to fathers, spending quality time with them, and organizing special meals or events in their honor. Children often express their love and gratitude through heartfelt messages, cards, and social media posts dedicated to their fathers.

Churches in Ghana also play a significant role in celebrating Fathers' Day. Special prayers and sermons are dedicated to fathers, acknowledging their importance and praying for their wellbeing. Many families attend church services together on this day as a way of honoring their fathers.

Local customs for Fathers' Day in Ghana

In addition to the national customs, different regions and communities in Ghana may have their unique ways of celebrating Fathers' Day. Some local customs include organizing community-wide events to celebrate all fathers in the area or engaging in cultural performances that highlight the roles of fathers in traditional Ghanaian society.

In some parts of Ghana, children may take on their fathers' roles for the day as a way of showing appreciation and understanding the responsibilities and challenges their fathers face.


Fathers' Day in Ghana is a significant event that highlights the importance of fathers and their roles in the family and society. Through various customs, both national and local, Ghanaians take the time to appreciate, honor, and celebrate their fathers on this special day. As the event continues to grow in popularity, it serves as a reminder of the crucial role fathers play in the lives of their children and the communities they live in.