Easter Monday in Ghana

Easter Monday, also known as "Dyngus Day" or "Wet Monday", is a public holiday in Ghana that is celebrated by Christians across the country. It is observed on the day after Easter Sunday and is typically celebrated with various cultural and religious activities.

The date of Easter Monday in Ghana changes every year, as it is calculated based on the lunar calendar. It falls on the first Monday following the first full moon after the vernal equinox, which usually occurs between March 22 and April 25.


The celebration of Easter Monday in Ghana can be traced back to the arrival of Christianity in the country. Christianity was introduced to Ghana by European missionaries in the 15th century, and the holiday has been observed ever since. The celebration of Easter Monday is mainly influenced by the Christian belief in the resurrection of Jesus Christ, which is commemorated on Easter Sunday.


National customs for Easter Monday in Ghana

Easter Monday in Ghana is celebrated with various activities that bring families and communities together. It is common for Ghanaians to attend church services on this day, where they participate in prayers, hymns, and sermons related to the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Many churches also organize special events such as picnics, sports competitions, and musical performances for their congregations.

In addition to religious observances, Easter Monday is a time for relaxation and enjoyment. Many Ghanaians take advantage of the public holiday to spend time with their families and friends, often organizing picnics or attending outdoor events. It is also common for people to visit tourist attractions, beaches, and parks on this day.

Local customs for Easter Monday in Ghana

Local customs for Easter Monday in Ghana vary depending on the region and the cultural background of the people. In some areas, traditional events such as boat racing, dancing, and drumming performances are organized to mark the occasion. In other places, communities come together to prepare and share festive meals, with dishes such as fufu, banku, and waakye often featuring on the menu.

Some communities in Ghana also have their own unique ways of celebrating Easter Monday. For example, in the coastal town of Winneba, the annual "Aboakyer" festival is held on Easter Monday. This traditional hunting festival involves two teams competing to catch a live antelope, which is then offered as a sacrifice to the local deity.


Easter Monday in Ghana is a vibrant and festive holiday that brings together the country's rich cultural and religious heritage. With a blend of Christian observances, family gatherings, and traditional events, it is a day that offers Ghanaians the opportunity to celebrate their faith, enjoy the company of their loved ones, and experience the diverse customs and traditions of their nation.