St Andrew's Day in Georgia

St. Andrew's Day, known as წმინდა ანდრიას დღე (Tsminda Andrias Dge) in Georgian, is a celebration in honor of Saint Andrew, the patron saint of Georgia, as well as a few other countries. In Georgia, St. Andrew's Day is observed on December 13th in accordance with the Julian calendar.


The celebration of St. Andrew's Day in Georgia has its roots in the country's adoption of Christianity as its official religion. It is believed that Saint Andrew, one of the twelve apostles of Jesus Christ, preached the gospel in the territories of present-day Georgia in the 1st century AD. As a result, he is considered the first preacher of Christianity in the region and has been venerated by Georgians since ancient times. The exact date when the annual celebration of St. Andrew's Day began in Georgia remains unclear, but it has been observed for centuries as an important religious and cultural event.


National customs for St. Andrew's Day in Georgia

On St. Andrew's Day, Georgians attend special church services in honor of the saint. The Georgian Orthodox Church holds liturgies and prayers dedicated to Saint Andrew, and many believers visit churches to attend these services and pay their respects. It is also common for families to light candles in their homes and pray for the well-being of their loved ones.

In addition to religious observances, St. Andrew's Day is also an occasion for cultural events, such as concerts, performances, and exhibitions, which focus on promoting Georgian traditions, arts, and crafts. Some Georgian communities organize events and gatherings to celebrate the day together, strengthening the sense of national identity and unity.

Local customs for St. Andrew's Day in Georgia

Local customs for St. Andrew's Day in Georgia vary depending on the region. In some areas, people may hold feasts and prepare traditional Georgian dishes to share with family and friends, while in others, they may organize processions, dances, and other folk performances. In certain rural communities, it is customary to bless and drink the first wine of the season on St. Andrew's Day, as it is believed that this will bring good fortune and prosperity in the coming year.


St. Andrew's Day in Georgia is a significant religious and cultural event that honors the patron saint of the country, Saint Andrew. The day is marked by various religious and national customs, as well as local traditions, which vary from region to region. The celebration of St. Andrew's Day not only pays homage to the saint but also helps to preserve and promote Georgia's rich cultural heritage and strengthen the sense of national identity.