Father's Day in France

Father's Day, or "Fête des Pères" in French, is a special occasion to honor and celebrate fathers and father figures in France. Similar to other countries, this day is dedicated to showing appreciation and love for the important role fathers play in their children's lives.

In France, Father's Day usually falls on the third Sunday in June, just like in the United States and the United Kingdom. This means that the date changes every year, but it can be easily calculated by finding the third Sunday of June on the calendar.


The celebration of Father's Day in France can be traced back to the early 20th century. However, it wasn't until 1952 that the holiday became more widely recognized and celebrated across the country. The day was officially introduced by a lighters' manufacturer, Flaminaire, who wanted to promote the sales of their products as gifts for fathers. The company launched an advertising campaign for a "Fête des Pères" and encouraged people to buy their lighters as presents for their fathers. This marketing strategy was successful, and Father's Day gained popularity in France, eventually becoming an annual tradition.


National customs for Father's Day in France

Father's Day customs in France are similar to those in other Western countries. Children often create handmade cards, drawings, or write heartfelt messages to their fathers, expressing their love and appreciation. Gifts are also a common part of the celebration, with children and spouses giving presents such as clothing, gadgets, or other items that their fathers may enjoy.

In addition to gifts and cards, families in France typically spend time together on Father's Day. This may include a special meal at home or a visit to a restaurant. It is common for families to prepare their father's favorite dishes to show their love and gratitude.

Local customs for Father's Day in France

While Father's Day customs are generally similar across France, some regions may have their unique ways of celebrating the day. For instance, some families might organize a picnic or a day trip to a nearby attraction. In other places, cultural events, such as concerts or art exhibitions, might be organized to celebrate the occasion.

It is important to note that Father's Day is not a public holiday in France, so businesses and schools remain open as usual. However, it is still a special day for families to come together and honor their fathers.


Father's Day in France, or "Fête des Pères," is a heartwarming occasion that celebrates the love and appreciation for fathers and father figures. With its origins rooted in a marketing campaign, the day has evolved into a cherished annual tradition where families come together to express their gratitude through gifts, cards, and quality time spent together. While the customs may slightly vary from region to region, the essence of the celebration remains the same throughout France – honoring the important role that fathers play in their children's lives.