Father's Day in Finland

Father's Day, known as "Isänpäivä" in Finnish, is a special day dedicated to honoring and appreciating fathers, father figures, and male role models in Finland. This heartwarming celebration emphasizes the importance and contribution of fathers in the lives of their children and families.

In Finland, Father's Day is celebrated on the second Sunday of November every year. Unlike some countries where the date may vary, the Finnish Father's Day remains constant, making it easy for families to plan festivities and surprises for the special men in their lives.


The tradition of celebrating Father's Day in Finland began in the 1950s, inspired by the American Father's Day celebration. It was officially established in 1970 when the Finnish Parliament declared the second Sunday of November as Father's Day. Since then, this day has been recognized as an official flag day in Finland, a day when the Finnish flag is flown to honor fathers and fatherhood.


National customs for Father's Day in Finland

On Father's Day in Finland, children and families express their love, gratitude, and appreciation to their fathers through various means. This can include giving gifts, writing heartfelt cards or letters, and spending quality time together. Often, children will surprise their fathers with breakfast in bed or cook a special meal for them. It's also common for families to enjoy a leisurely day together, taking part in their father's favorite activities or hobbies.

Local customs for Father's Day in Finland

While Father's Day customs in Finland are generally similar across the country, there may be some regional or local variations in how the day is celebrated. For instance, in some communities, schools or kindergartens may organize events or activities for children and their fathers to participate in together, such as crafting or sports.

In addition to family-oriented celebrations, some Finnish companies also acknowledge Father's Day by offering discounts or promotions targeted at fathers. This can include deals on products or services that are typically associated with men or fatherhood, like tools, electronics, or outdoor gear.


Father's Day in Finland is a meaningful and cherished tradition that highlights the significant role fathers play in the lives of their children and families. With its rich history and various customs, both nationally and locally, Father's Day in Finland provides an opportunity for families to come together, celebrate, and create lasting memories with the special men in their lives.