Father's Day in Estonia

Father's Day in Estonia: Celebrating Isadepäev

In Estonia, Father's Day is known as Isadepäev. It is a special day dedicated to honoring and celebrating fathers, father figures, and their contributions to the lives of their children and families.

Father's Day in Estonia is celebrated on the second Sunday of November each year. The date varies annually, but the method of calculation remains the same, which is to simply choose the second Sunday of the month.


The celebration of Father's Day in Estonia began in 1998. It was initiated by the Estonian Fatherhood Movement, a non-governmental organization that aims to promote the importance of fatherhood and the role of fathers in society. The first official Father's Day celebration took place on November 8, 1998. The date was chosen to coincide with the International Men's Day, which is also celebrated in November. The Estonian government later recognized Father's Day as an official holiday in 2002.


National customs for Father's Day in Estonia

On Father's Day in Estonia, it is common for children to express their love and gratitude to their fathers through various gestures and activities. These may include giving handmade cards or gifts, spending quality time together, or preparing a special meal for their fathers. Many families also attend church services together to pray and give thanks for their fathers.

In addition to these personal celebrations, various events and activities are organized throughout the country to honor fathers and promote the importance of fatherhood. These may include seminars, workshops, and public discussions on topics related to fatherhood, as well as family-friendly events such as sports competitions, concerts, and picnics.

Local customs for Father's Day in Estonia

While the national customs for Father's Day in Estonia are widely observed, there may be some variations in how individual communities or families choose to celebrate the day. Some families may have their own unique traditions, such as going for a hike or participating in a specific activity that holds special meaning for the father and his children.

In some regions of Estonia, local communities may organize additional events to celebrate Father's Day, such as charity runs or bike rides, art exhibitions, or storytelling events focused on the theme of fatherhood. These local customs aim to bring the community together and create a sense of unity in celebrating the important role that fathers play in society.


Father's Day in Estonia, or Isadepäev, is a special day to recognize and appreciate the invaluable contributions of fathers and father figures in the lives of their children and families. With a focus on promoting the importance of fatherhood and fostering strong family bonds, Estonians celebrate this day with a mix of personal gestures, family time, and community events that honor and support the role of fathers in society.