Day off for Revolution Day July 23 in Egypt

Egypt celebrates Revolution Day on July 23 every year, commemorating the 1952 Revolution which led to the overthrow of King Farouk and the end of the British occupation in the country. The day is a public holiday, and Egyptians take the day off to remember this significant event in their nation's history.


Revolution Day in Egypt dates back to July 23, 1952, when a group of Egyptian military officers, known as the Free Officers Movement, led by Gamal Abdel Nasser, staged a coup to overthrow King Farouk. The revolution marked the end of the British occupation in Egypt and the beginning of a new era of Egyptian nationalism and independence. The monarchy was abolished, and Egypt was declared a republic in 1953, with General Muhammad Naguib becoming the country's first president.


National customs for Revolution Day in Egypt

On Revolution Day, Egyptians participate in various national customs to celebrate the day. The day is marked by official ceremonies, speeches by government officials, and military parades. The President of Egypt often addresses the nation on this day, reflecting on the achievements of the revolution and the progress of the country.

Egyptians also celebrate the day with family gatherings, picnics, and outings to public parks and gardens. Many people take advantage of the day off to spend time with their loved ones and enjoy the warm summer weather.

Local customs for Revolution Day in Egypt

In addition to national customs, some local customs are also practiced in different parts of Egypt during Revolution Day. In cities like Cairo and Alexandria, people gather in public squares to attend concerts, open-air performances, and cultural events organized by the government and local communities.

In smaller towns and villages, people may organize community feasts, where families come together to share traditional Egyptian dishes, such as ful medames, koshari, and grilled meats. These gatherings provide an opportunity for locals to connect with their neighbors and celebrate the spirit of the revolution.


Revolution Day in Egypt is a significant event that commemorates the 1952 Revolution and the end of the British occupation in the country. The day is celebrated with various national and local customs, from official ceremonies and speeches to family gatherings and community feasts. As Egyptians take the day off to remember this important moment in their history, they also come together to celebrate their unity, independence, and national pride.