Holy Saturday in Ecuador

Holy Saturday, also known as "Sábado Santo" in Spanish, is a significant religious event in Ecuador. It is observed on the Saturday between Good Friday and Easter Sunday, as part of the Holy Week commemorating the passion, crucifixion, and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Holy Saturday in Ecuador usually falls in late March or early April, depending on the date of Easter, which is calculated based on the first full moon after the spring equinox.


The celebration of Holy Saturday in Ecuador can be traced back to the Spanish colonial period when Catholicism was introduced to the country in the early 16th century. The Spanish missionaries brought with them their religious traditions, including the observance of Holy Week. Since then, Holy Saturday has been an important event in Ecuador's religious calendar.


National customs for Holy Saturday in Ecuador

On Holy Saturday, Ecuadorians participate in various religious activities to commemorate the day. One of the most important customs is attending the Easter Vigil Mass, which is held at night in churches across the country. This solemn ceremony marks the end of the mourning period for the crucifixion and the beginning of the celebration of Christ's resurrection.

In some parts of Ecuador, processions are held on Holy Saturday. These processions may involve carrying a statue of the Virgin Mary or an image of the crucified Christ through the streets, accompanied by music and prayers. Participants often dress in traditional clothing and walk barefoot or wearing sandals as a sign of penance and humility.

Local customs for Holy Saturday in Ecuador

In addition to the national customs, there are also local traditions that are unique to specific regions in Ecuador. For example, in the city of Cuenca, a special event called "Las Siete Vueltas" (The Seven Turns) takes place on Holy Saturday. This involves a procession where participants walk around the main square seven times, symbolizing the seven days of Holy Week.

In the town of Loja, a unique tradition called "El Sábado de Gloria" (The Saturday of Glory) is observed. This event features a colorful procession with decorated carts, music, and dancing, celebrating the joy of Christ's resurrection.


Holy Saturday in Ecuador is a significant religious event that is observed with reverence and devotion. The combination of national and local customs helps create a unique and meaningful celebration that highlights the importance of faith and tradition in Ecuadorian culture. Whether it's attending the Easter Vigil Mass, participating in a procession, or joining in local festivities, Holy Saturday offers an opportunity for Ecuadorians to come together in a shared expression of their religious beliefs.