Victory in Europe Day in Czechia

Victory in Europe Day, also known as VE Day, is a significant event in Czechia, where it is known as "Den vítězství" or "Den osvobození" in the Czech language. This day commemorates the end of World War II in Europe and the liberation of Czechoslovakia from Nazi occupation. Victory in Europe Day is celebrated annually on May 8th in Czechia.


The celebration of Victory in Europe Day in Czechia dates back to 1945 when the war ended, and Czechoslovakia was liberated from the Nazis by the Soviet Red Army and American forces. The historical importance of this day is immense, as it marked the end of a brutal period of occupation and the beginning of a new era for the nation. The significance of May 8th as Victory in Europe Day was further cemented when it was declared a public holiday in Czechoslovakia in 1946.


National customs for Victory in Europe Day in Czechia

There are several national customs associated with Victory in Europe Day in Czechia. One of the most significant traditions is the laying of wreaths and flowers at the memorials and monuments dedicated to the fallen soldiers and victims of World War II. This is often done by government officials, representatives of the military, and the general public.

Additionally, various events and ceremonies take place throughout the country, including military parades, concerts, and exhibitions. The day is also marked by speeches from political leaders, who emphasize the importance of remembering the sacrifices made by previous generations and promoting peace and unity.

Local customs for Victory in Europe Day in Czechia

In addition to the national customs, there are also various local customs and events held in different regions of Czechia. For example, the city of Plzeň, which was liberated by U.S. forces, has a unique relationship with the United States, and they organize a special annual event called "Plzeň Liberation Festival." This festival includes re-enactments, concerts, and a parade featuring vintage military vehicles.

Other towns and villages across the country may have their own events and ceremonies, often involving local schools, veterans, and community organizations. These events serve not only to commemorate the end of World War II but also to educate the younger generations about the importance of maintaining peace and understanding the sacrifices of those who fought for their freedom.


Victory in Europe Day is an important event in Czechia that holds deep historical significance for the nation. Through national and local customs, the people of Czechia honor the memory of the fallen and the sacrifices made during World War II. The annual celebrations serve as a reminder of the importance of unity and peace, as well as a tribute to the resilience of the Czech people in the face of adversity.