Father's Day in Colombia

Father's Day in Colombia, also known as "Día del Padre," is a special occasion dedicated to honoring and celebrating fathers and father figures. In Colombia, Father's Day is typically celebrated on the third Sunday of June, similar to many other countries around the world.


The celebration of Father's Day in Colombia can be traced back to the early 20th century, inspired by the American tradition of Father's Day which began in 1910. The idea of honoring fathers with a special day was imported to Colombia and quickly gained popularity, as it resonated with the country's strong family values and deep appreciation for the role of fathers in family life. Over time, Father's Day has become an important occasion for Colombians to express their love, gratitude, and respect for their fathers.


National customs for Father's Day in Colombia

Father's Day customs in Colombia are similar to those in many other countries, with a focus on spending quality time with family and expressing appreciation for fathers through gifts and acts of kindness. Some of the most common ways to celebrate Father's Day in Colombia include:

  • Family gatherings: Many families come together on Father's Day for a special meal or a day of fun activities. This is an opportunity for family members to catch up with each other and strengthen their bonds as they honor their father or father figure.

  • Gifts: Giving gifts to fathers is a popular way to express love and appreciation on Father's Day. Popular gift ideas include clothing, accessories, gadgets, and personalized items that reflect the father's hobbies and interests.

  • Cards and messages: Children often make handmade cards or write heartfelt messages to their fathers, expressing their love and gratitude for all the support, guidance, and care they have received.

Local customs for Father's Day in Colombia

In addition to the national customs, there are also regional and local traditions that make Father's Day celebrations unique in different parts of Colombia. Some of these customs include:

  • Local festivals: In some regions, communities organize special events and activities to celebrate Father's Day, such as concerts, sports competitions, or cultural shows.

  • Religious ceremonies: For many Colombians, faith plays an important role in their lives, and Father's Day is no exception. Attending Mass or other religious services with their fathers is a common way for families to give thanks and celebrate the occasion.

  • Traditional dishes: In some regions, families prepare and enjoy traditional Colombian dishes during Father's Day celebrations, reflecting the country's rich culinary diversity.


Father's Day in Colombia is a cherished occasion that brings families together in a spirit of love, appreciation, and gratitude for the role of fathers in their lives. The celebration is marked by a combination of national customs and local traditions, reflecting the diverse culture and strong family values that characterize Colombian society. As Colombians gather to honor their fathers on this special day, they are reminded of the importance of family bonds and the lasting impact that fathers have on the lives of their children.