Assumption of Mary in Colombia

The Assumption of Mary, also known as the "Asunción de la Virgen María" in Spanish, is a significant religious event in Colombia. This Christian celebration commemorates the belief that the Virgin Mary, mother of Jesus Christ, was taken up into heaven both body and soul at the end of her earthly life.

The Assumption of Mary is observed in Colombia on August 15th every year. Although it is a fixed date, if August 15th falls on a Sunday, the celebration may be moved to the following Monday to allow for a long weekend.


The celebration of the Assumption of Mary has been a part of Colombian history since the country's colonization by Spain in the 16th century. The Catholic faith was brought to Colombia by Spanish missionaries, and with it came the various religious traditions, including the Assumption of Mary. This Christian belief was widely accepted and integrated into Colombian culture, which has a strong Catholic influence.


National customs for the Assumption of Mary in Colombia

The Assumption of Mary is a national public holiday in Colombia and is celebrated across the country. Religious processions and masses are held in churches, honoring the Virgin Mary and her assumption into heaven. In some areas, special prayers or novenas dedicated to the Virgin Mary are recited in the days leading up to the celebration.

In addition to the religious aspects of the day, many Colombians use the long weekend as an opportunity to spend time with family and friends, enjoy traditional food, and participate in cultural events and festivities.

Local customs for the Assumption of Mary in Colombia

While the Assumption of Mary is celebrated throughout Colombia, there are some regions where the event holds particular significance and is marked by unique customs and traditions. One such example is the city of Cali, where the "Feria de Cali" takes place during the Assumption of Mary weekend. This fair includes a variety of events such as concerts, traditional dances, and bullfighting.

In the town of Chiquinquirá, the Assumption of Mary is celebrated with a procession that involves an image of the Virgin Mary being carried through the streets. The town's inhabitants consider this event an essential part of their religious tradition and an opportunity to express their devotion to the Virgin Mary.


The Assumption of Mary is an important religious and cultural event in Colombia, reflecting the country's strong Catholic heritage. Celebrated nationwide on August 15th, this day not only honors the Virgin Mary but also provides Colombians with an opportunity to come together with family and friends to enjoy various festivities and maintain their cultural traditions.