Teachers' Day in China

Teachers' Day in China is a special day dedicated to appreciating and honoring the hard work and dedication of teachers across the country. In China, this day is known as 教师节 (Jiàoshī Jié).

Teachers' Day in China is celebrated annually on September 10th, and it remains consistent every year.


China began celebrating Teachers' Day on September 10th in 1985. The establishment of this special day was approved by the Chinese government with the aim of acknowledging the significant role teachers play in the overall development of students and the nation as a whole. This day is also meant to promote the teaching profession and improve the social status of teachers.


National customs for Teachers' Day in China

On Teachers' Day in China, various activities are organized to express gratitude and respect towards teachers. Students often prepare gifts, such as flowers, cards, or small tokens of appreciation to present to their teachers. It is also common for students to perform in special programs, including singing, dancing, and reciting poems dedicated to their teachers.

In addition to these activities, schools often hold ceremonies to honor outstanding teachers for their exceptional contributions to education. Many schools also organize forums or workshops for teachers to share their teaching experiences and discuss innovative teaching methods.

Local customs for Teachers' Day in China

While the national customs are widely practiced across China, there are still some regional variations in the way Teachers' Day is celebrated. In some rural areas, parents and local communities may host banquets in honor of teachers, while in other regions, teachers may be invited to visit students' homes, giving students and parents an opportunity to express their gratitude personally.

Moreover, local education bureaus and schools may hold their own unique activities, such as art exhibitions, sports competitions, or charity events, to celebrate Teachers' Day in a way that reflects the local culture and community spirit.


Teachers' Day in China is a heartfelt celebration of educators and their vital contributions to society. Through various customs and activities, both on a national and local level, students, parents, and communities come together to express their gratitude and respect for the teachers who have helped shape the lives and futures of countless individuals. As Teachers' Day continues to be celebrated annually, it serves as a reminder of the importance of education and the profound impact teachers have on the development of the nation.