National Day in China

National Day in China, also known as 国庆节 (Guóqìng Jié), is a significant event that marks the founding of the People's Republic of China. The holiday is celebrated annually on October 1st and lasts for seven days, commonly referred to as "Golden Week."


National Day in China was first celebrated on October 1st, 1949, following the establishment of the People's Republic of China by Chairman Mao Zedong. The event took place at Tiananmen Square in Beijing, where Mao Zedong raised the first flag of the newly-formed nation. Since then, the day has become an important public holiday in China, symbolizing unity and patriotism.


National customs for National Day in China

National Day in China is celebrated with various activities and events across the country. One of the main highlights is the National Day flag-raising ceremony held at Tiananmen Square in Beijing. Thousands of people gather to witness the ceremony, which is accompanied by a military parade and performance by schoolchildren.

During the Golden Week, people all over China take time off from work and travel to visit family members, friends, and popular tourist destinations. It is one of the busiest travel periods in China, with millions of people taking advantage of the holiday to explore different parts of the country.

In addition to the flag-raising ceremony, various cultural events and activities are organized, such as concerts, exhibitions, and fireworks displays. Public spaces and buildings are decorated with red flags and banners to showcase national pride and patriotism.

Local customs for National Day in China

While National Day customs are generally consistent across the country, there are some regional variations. In some cities, locals may hold traditional performances or organize community activities to celebrate the holiday. In others, people may take part in sports events or visit parks and gardens to enjoy the festive atmosphere.

Throughout the week, many local governments and organizations host events to promote local culture and tourism, offering discounts or free entry to attractions. This allows residents and visitors alike to experience the diverse customs, cuisines, and landscapes that China has to offer.


National Day in China is a time for the nation to come together and celebrate its founding, history, and achievements. The holiday is marked by various customs and activities, both on a national and local level. From the grand flag-raising ceremony at Tiananmen Square to the smaller community events, National Day in China is a significant and joyous occasion that instills a sense of unity and pride among its people.