CPC Founding Day in China

CPC Founding Day, also known as the "Communist Party of China Founding Day," is an important event in China that commemorates the founding of the Communist Party of China (CPC). The event is celebrated annually on July 1st, marking the founding of the CPC in 1921.


CPC Founding Day traces its roots back to the establishment of the Communist Party of China on July 1, 1921. The founding members, including historical figures such as Chen Duxiu and Li Dazhao, held the first National Congress of the party in Shanghai. The CPC aimed to lead the Chinese people through revolution and fight against imperialism, feudalism, and bureaucratic capitalism. Over the years, the party has played a crucial role in shaping China's political and social landscape, eventually leading to the founding of the People's Republic of China in 1949 under the leadership of Mao Zedong. The celebration of CPC Founding Day has been an annual event in China since then.


National customs for CPC Founding Day in China

CPC Founding Day is a significant event for the Chinese people and the country. On this day, various activities are organized to celebrate and honor the founding of the Communist Party of China. Some of the national customs include:

  1. Flag-raising ceremonies: To show respect and allegiance to the CPC, flag-raising ceremonies are held in public spaces, schools, and institutions across the country. People gather to sing the national anthem and salute the flag.

  2. Political meetings and conferences: Government officials, party members, and representatives from various organizations attend meetings and conferences to discuss the achievements of the CPC, its future direction, and the overall progress of the nation.

  3. Public lectures and seminars: Educational institutions, research centers, and community organizations organize lectures and seminars, highlighting the history of the CPC, its principles, and its contributions to China's development.

  4. Cultural events and performances: Various cultural events, such as art exhibitions, theatrical performances, and music concerts, are organized to showcase the achievements of the CPC and promote patriotism among the masses.

Local customs for CPC Founding Day in China

In addition to the national customs, different regions and ethnic groups in China also celebrate CPC Founding Day with their unique local customs:

  1. Commemorative events: Local governments and communities organize various commemorative events, such as tree planting, blood donation drives, and community service activities to mark the occasion.

  2. Folk performances: Local cultural troupes perform traditional dances, songs, and dramas, reflecting the history and culture of different ethnic groups and their support for the CPC.

  3. Local cuisine: In some regions, people prepare special dishes and share them with their neighbors as a way to celebrate the occasion and promote unity.


CPC Founding Day is a significant event in China that reflects the country's political history and the role of the Communist Party of China in shaping its present and future. The celebration of this day not only honors the party's founding but also promotes patriotism, unity, and a sense of national identity among the Chinese people. From national flag-raising ceremonies to local folk performances, the customs and traditions associated with CPC Founding Day demonstrate the deep-rooted respect and admiration for the Communist Party of China and its contributions to the nation's development.