Halloween in Canada

Halloween, known as the same name in Canada, is a popular celebration that takes place every year on October 31st. The event is widely celebrated across the country, with people participating in various traditional activities and customs.


Halloween celebrations in Canada can be traced back to the 19th century when Irish and Scottish immigrants brought their traditions and customs to the country. These immigrants celebrated the Celtic festival of Samhain, which marked the end of the harvest season and the beginning of winter. Over time, the festival evolved and merged with other cultural influences, resulting in the modern-day Halloween celebration.


National customs for Halloween in Canada

There are several national customs associated with Halloween in Canada. One of the most popular activities is trick-or-treating, where children dress up in costumes and go from house to house, asking for sweets or other treats. Homeowners typically decorate their houses with spooky decorations, such as carved pumpkins, cobwebs, and skeletons.

Another common Halloween custom in Canada is attending costume parties, where people of all ages gather to celebrate the occasion in their favorite costumes. These parties often include games, dancing, and other fun activities.

Canadians also enjoy watching horror movies and visiting haunted attractions, such as haunted houses or hayrides, during the Halloween season. These attractions are designed to scare and entertain visitors by using various special effects, actors, and props.

Local customs for Halloween in Canada

In addition to the national customs, there are also some local customs and traditions associated with Halloween in Canada. For example, in some areas of Newfoundland and Labrador, people participate in "Mumming" or "Janneying." This tradition involves dressing up in disguises and going from house to house, performing songs, dances, or skits in exchange for treats.

In the province of Quebec, the "La Fête des morts" or "Festival of the Dead" is celebrated around Halloween. This event is inspired by the Mexican "Día de los Muertos" and features various activities, including parades, workshops, and exhibitions.


Halloween in Canada is a widely celebrated event that combines traditions brought by immigrants with local customs and practices. The celebration is marked by activities such as trick-or-treating, costume parties, and visiting haunted attractions, allowing Canadians of all ages to indulge in the spooky and fun spirit of the season.