Ascension Day in Burundi

Ascension Day, known as "Kwizera" in the local Kirundi language, is a significant Christian holiday celebrated in Burundi. The event marks the day when Jesus Christ ascended to heaven, 40 days after his resurrection on Easter Sunday. In Burundi, Ascension Day is observed on the 40th day after Easter and is considered a public holiday. The date varies each year, as it depends on the date of Easter, which is determined by the lunar calendar.


The celebration of Ascension Day in Burundi can be traced back to the introduction of Christianity in the country during the late 19th and early 20th centuries. European missionaries, particularly from the Roman Catholic Church, played a significant role in the spread of Christianity in Burundi. As a result, Christian holidays, including Ascension Day, became widely recognized and celebrated in the country.


National customs for Ascension Day in Burundi

Ascension Day is a public holiday in Burundi, which means that schools, businesses, and government offices are closed. Many people attend church services to commemorate the ascension of Jesus Christ. During the services, special prayers, hymns, and sermons are usually dedicated to the significance of the event.

Local customs for Ascension Day in Burundi

Local customs for Ascension Day in Burundi may vary depending on the region and the specific Christian denomination. In some communities, processions and parades may be organized, with people carrying religious icons and symbols to represent the ascension of Jesus.

In addition to attending church services, families often gather to spend time together and share a festive meal on this day. Traditional Burundian dishes, such as ugali, beans, and plantains, are typically served during these gatherings.


Ascension Day, or Kwizera, is an important Christian holiday in Burundi that commemorates the ascension of Jesus Christ to heaven. With its roots in the introduction of Christianity to the country, the day is marked by various customs and traditions, including attending church services and spending time with family. As a public holiday, Ascension Day provides an opportunity for the people of Burundi to come together in celebration and reflection of their faith.