Iris Day in Belgium

Iris Day, also known as "FĂȘte de l'Iris" in French and "Irisfeest" in Dutch, is a significant event celebrated in Belgium. This day is dedicated to the region's symbol, the Iris flower, and is a public holiday in the Brussels Capital Region.

Iris Day usually takes place on the 8th of May, but the specific date may vary each year. The event is held during the weekend closest to 8th May, ensuring that the celebrations take place on a Saturday and Sunday.


Iris Day was first celebrated in 1989 to commemorate the establishment of the Brussels Capital Region. The date of May 8th was chosen as it marks the anniversary of the first meeting of the Brussels Regional Council in 1989. The Iris flower was selected as the symbol of the region due to its historical presence in the swamps and marshes of the area, which Brussels was initially built upon. The name 'Brussels' itself is derived from the old Dutch word 'Bruocsella,' which means 'marsh' or 'swamp.'


National customs for Iris Day in Belgium

Iris Day in Belgium is marked by several national customs and events. The main celebration takes place in the Brussels Capital Region, where various activities and festivities are held to honor the region's emblem. These events include free concerts, street performances, workshops, guided tours, and family-friendly activities. The day also serves as an opportunity for the citizens of Brussels to learn about the history, culture, and heritage of their region.

Local customs for Iris Day in Belgium

Local customs for Iris Day in Belgium vary depending on the specific area within the Brussels Capital Region. Each municipality may host its events and activities to celebrate the day. Some neighborhoods organize local street parties, food tastings, and cultural exhibitions showcasing the diversity of the region. Additionally, many local institutions, such as museums, galleries, and cultural centers, offer free entrance to the public on Iris Day.


Iris Day in Belgium is a celebration that showcases the unique history, culture, and identity of the Brussels Capital Region. The event serves as an opportunity for locals and tourists alike to learn about the region's heritage while enjoying various festivities and activities. From street performances to free museum visits, Iris Day in Belgium is a time for the people of Brussels to come together and appreciate the beauty and symbolism of their emblematic flower, the Iris.