Victory Day in Belarus

Victory Day, known as "Дзень Перамогі" in Belarusian, is an important national holiday in Belarus. This day commemorates the victory of the Soviet Union over Nazi Germany in World War II, also known as the Great Patriotic War in Belarus and other former Soviet countries. Victory Day is celebrated annually on May 9th, following the same date as Russia and several other former Soviet states.


Belarus started to celebrate Victory Day on May 9th, 1945, when the Soviet Union declared victory over Nazi Germany after the signing of the act of unconditional surrender in Berlin. Belarus was one of the hardest-hit Soviet republics during the war, with a significant portion of its population killed and almost all of its major cities destroyed. As a result, Victory Day holds particular significance for the people of Belarus as they remember the sacrifices made by their countrymen in the fight against fascism.


National customs for Victory Day in Belarus

Victory Day in Belarus is observed as a public holiday, with various events and activities taking place across the country. The main celebration occurs in the capital city of Minsk, where a military parade is held in the morning, featuring soldiers, veterans, and military equipment. Belarusian President and other high-ranking officials usually attend the parade and deliver speeches to honor the memory of those who fought in the war.

Following the military parade, people lay flowers and wreaths at war memorials, particularly at the Victory Monument in Minsk, to pay their respects to fallen soldiers. Concerts, performances, and fireworks displays are also organized in various cities and towns across the country, creating a festive atmosphere for the day.

Another important custom on Victory Day is the "Immortal Regiment" march, where people carry portraits of their relatives who fought in the war or were affected by the conflict. This march aims to keep the memory of those who sacrificed their lives for the country's freedom alive.

Local customs for Victory Day in Belarus

In addition to the national customs, there are also local traditions and events held in different regions of Belarus to mark Victory Day. These may include exhibitions of wartime photographs, film screenings, and educational programs in schools, museums, and libraries.

Many people in Belarus also visit the graves of their relatives who served in World War II, bringing flowers and lighting candles in their memory. Additionally, it is common for families to gather and share stories about their ancestors who were affected by the war, ensuring that the history of their sacrifices is passed down to future generations.


Victory Day in Belarus is a significant and solemn occasion, honoring the memory of those who fought and died in World War II. Through various customs, events, and personal acts of remembrance, the Belarusian people pay tribute to the sacrifices made by their countrymen and ensure that their stories are never forgotten.