Orthodox Easter Sunday in Belarus

Orthodox Easter Sunday, also known as Pascha, is a significant religious celebration in Belarus. It is the day when the Orthodox Christian community commemorates the resurrection of Jesus Christ. In Belarus, the event is called "Вялікдзень" (Vyalikdzen) in the local Belarusian language.

Orthodox Easter Sunday in Belarus follows the Julian calendar and usually falls on a date different from the Easter celebrations of the Western Christian churches, which follow the Gregorian calendar. The date of Orthodox Easter varies every year, as it is calculated based on the first Sunday after the first full moon, following the vernal equinox.


Belarus, being a part of the historical region of Kievan Rus, adopted Christianity in the 10th century under the influence of Grand Prince Vladimir the Great. Since then, the Orthodox Christian faith has been an integral part of Belarusian culture and tradition. The celebration of Orthodox Easter Sunday in Belarus dates back to these early centuries of Christianity in the region.


National customs for Orthodox Easter Sunday in Belarus

The customs and traditions associated with Orthodox Easter Sunday in Belarus are deeply rooted in the country's faith and history. Some of the most common national customs include:

  1. Attending church services: Belarusians attend special Easter services at their local Orthodox churches. The services often begin late in the evening on Holy Saturday and continue into the early hours of Easter Sunday.

  2. Blessing of the Easter baskets: Believers prepare baskets filled with traditional Easter foods, such as kulich (a sweet bread), paska (a type of Easter cheese), eggs, and other treats. These baskets are taken to the church to be blessed by a priest.

  3. Egg painting: Decorating eggs, especially with intricate and colorful designs, is a popular Orthodox Easter tradition in Belarus. These decorated eggs, called "писанки" (pisanki) in Belarusian, are often exchanged as gifts among family and friends.

Local customs for Orthodox Easter Sunday in Belarus

While the national customs are observed throughout the country, there are also some unique local traditions associated with Orthodox Easter Sunday in Belarus. For instance, in some regions, people participate in traditional games and competitions, such as egg rolling and egg tapping. These games symbolize the rolling away of the stone from Jesus' tomb and the cracking of the eggshell, representing the resurrection of Christ.

In some rural areas, it is customary for people to visit the graves of deceased relatives on Easter Sunday, bringing flowers and lighting candles to pay their respects. Additionally, Belarusians often share their blessed Easter foods with their neighbors, emphasizing the importance of community and togetherness during the celebration of this important religious event.


Orthodox Easter Sunday in Belarus is a deeply meaningful and important celebration for the country's Orthodox Christian community. The customs and traditions associated with this event are a testament to the rich cultural heritage and strong religious faith of the Belarusian people. From attending church services to sharing blessed Easter foods with neighbors, Belarusians come together to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ and the core values of their faith.