Victory Day over Fascism in Azerbaijan

Victory Day over Fascism, also known as World War II Victory Day, is a significant national public holiday in Azerbaijan. The day is known as "Faşizm üzərində Qələbə Günü" in the Azerbaijani language. It commemorates the victory of the Soviet Union and its allies, including Azerbaijan, over Nazi Germany in World War II.

Victory Day over Fascism is celebrated annually on May 9th in Azerbaijan. This date marks the anniversary of the official surrender of Nazi Germany to the Soviet Union in 1945.


Azerbaijan began celebrating Victory Day over Fascism on May 9th, 1945, following the end of World War II. Azerbaijani soldiers played a crucial role in the war as part of the Soviet Union's armed forces. Over 600,000 Azerbaijani soldiers fought on the Eastern Front, and many of them were awarded high military decorations for their bravery and service.

The Azerbaijani people made tremendous sacrifices during the war, with thousands losing their lives or becoming disabled. The celebration of Victory Day over Fascism in Azerbaijan is not only to honor the victory but also to remember and pay tribute to the brave men and women who sacrificed their lives for their country and the world.


National customs for Victory Day over Fascism in Azerbaijan

Victory Day over Fascism is marked by various events and activities throughout Azerbaijan. The day usually begins with a moment of silence, followed by the national anthem, to honor the fallen soldiers and civilians who lost their lives during World War II.

One of the main customs on this day is the laying of wreaths and flowers at war memorials and monuments dedicated to the heroes of World War II. In the capital city of Baku, high-ranking officials, war veterans, and representatives of the armed forces participate in the wreath-laying ceremony at the Martyrs' Lane Memorial.

Military parades, concerts, and cultural events are also held across the country to celebrate the victory and to promote national unity and pride. Educational institutions often organize special programs and exhibitions to educate the younger generation about the importance of this day and the history of Azerbaijan's involvement in World War II.

Local customs for Victory Day over Fascism in Azerbaijan

In addition to the national customs, local customs vary across different regions of Azerbaijan. Local communities organize gatherings, concerts, and performances to commemorate the day. Veterans and their families are often invited to these events and honored for their service and sacrifices.

In some regions, people visit the graves of their loved ones who fought in the war, offering prayers and lighting candles in their memory. It is also common for families to share stories and memories of their relatives who participated in the war, passing on the history and significance of this day to younger generations.


Victory Day over Fascism is an important national holiday in Azerbaijan that pays tribute to the sacrifices and bravery of Azerbaijani soldiers and civilians during World War II. The various customs and events held on this day serve to honor the memory of those who fought for their country and to educate future generations about the importance of unity and peace.