Saint Rupert's Day in Austria

Saint Rupert's Day, also known as Rupertitag in Austria, is a celebration held in honor of Saint Rupert, the patron saint of the country. This annual event is primarily celebrated in the Austrian city of Salzburg and its surrounding areas.

Saint Rupert's Day is observed on September 24th each year. The date remains constant and does not change from year to year.


Saint Rupert's Day in Austria dates back to the early 8th century when Saint Rupert, a Frankish bishop, arrived in the region to spread Christianity. He founded the city of Salzburg and established the famous Salzburg Cathedral. Saint Rupert is remembered for his missionary work and for promoting the Christian faith in Austria. He is also celebrated as the patron saint of salt miners, as he recognized the value of salt deposits in the area and helped establish the salt mining industry that would become a significant source of wealth for the region.


National customs for Saint Rupert's Day in Austria

Saint Rupert's Day is celebrated with various religious and cultural activities in Austria. The main event takes place in Salzburg, where a festive procession is held, featuring people dressed in traditional Austrian attire, folk musicians, and horse-drawn carriages. This procession is followed by a special mass at the Salzburg Cathedral, which is dedicated to Saint Rupert.

In addition to the religious aspects of the celebration, there are also numerous cultural events and activities held throughout the city. These include traditional Austrian music and dance performances, as well as food and drink stalls offering local delicacies and beverages.

Local customs for Saint Rupert's Day in Austria

In the surrounding areas of Salzburg, particularly in the smaller towns and villages, Saint Rupert's Day is celebrated with various local customs and traditions. One popular tradition is the Ruperti-Kirtag, a traditional fair held in honor of Saint Rupert. The fair features various amusement rides, games, and market stalls, providing a fun and festive atmosphere for locals and visitors alike.

Another local custom is the Ruperti-Lauf, a running race held in the town of Bischofshofen. The race is open to people of all ages and attracts participants from across the region, making it a popular community event.


Saint Rupert's Day in Austria is a significant celebration that honors the country's patron saint and pays homage to its rich history and cultural heritage. The various customs and traditions associated with the day, from religious ceremonies to festive fairs and athletic events, provide a unique insight into Austrian culture and bring communities together in a spirit of unity and celebration.