Royal National Agricultural Show Day Queensland in Australia

Royal National Agricultural Show Day, commonly known as the "Ekka," is an annual event celebrated in Queensland, Australia. The Ekka showcases the best of Queensland's agriculture, including livestock, produce, and various agricultural activities. The event takes place at the Brisbane Showgrounds, attracting visitors from all over the country.

The Royal National Agricultural Show Day is typically celebrated in August, with the exact date being determined by the Queensland Government. It is usually scheduled on the second Wednesday of August, making it a public holiday for residents in the Brisbane area.


The Royal National Agricultural Show Day was first celebrated in Queensland in 1876, with the aim of promoting the state's agricultural industry and encouraging local farmers to showcase their produce and livestock. The event was initially called the "Brisbane Exhibition" and was organized by the newly formed National Agricultural and Industrial Association of Queensland (NAIAQ). Over the years, the event has grown in size and popularity, and in 1921, it was granted the "Royal" prefix by King George V, officially becoming the "Royal National Agricultural Show."


National customs for Royal National Agricultural Show Day in Queensland

The Royal National Agricultural Show Day is marked by several national customs that are enjoyed by visitors and locals alike. Some of the main attractions at the Ekka include:

  1. Livestock competitions: Farmers from all over Queensland bring their best animals to compete in various categories such as cattle, sheep, goats, and horses.

  2. Produce displays: Local farmers and producers showcase their best fruits, vegetables, and other agricultural products in beautifully arranged displays.

  3. Food and wine: The Ekka features a wide range of food and wine stalls, offering a taste of Queensland's finest culinary creations.

  4. Woodchopping competitions: One of the most popular events at the Ekka, woodchopping competitions showcase the skill and strength of competitors as they race to chop through logs using axes.

  5. Rides and entertainment: The Ekka is home to a variety of rides and entertainment options, including amusement park rides, live music, and performances by local artists.

Local customs for Royal National Agricultural Show Day in Queensland

While the Royal National Agricultural Show Day is celebrated across Queensland, there are certain local customs that are specific to the Brisbane area. These include:

  1. The Ekka public holiday: As mentioned earlier, the second Wednesday of August is declared a public holiday in the Brisbane area, allowing residents to enjoy the festivities at the Ekka.

  2. EkkaNITES: Each evening during the Ekka, a spectacular show featuring fireworks, music, and entertainment takes place, drawing large crowds of locals and visitors.

  3. Strawberry sundaes: A popular Ekka tradition, strawberry sundaes are sold to raise funds for the Prince Charles Hospital Foundation. These delicious treats have become synonymous with the Ekka experience.


The Royal National Agricultural Show Day is a celebration of Queensland's rich agricultural history and a showcase of the state's finest produce and livestock. With its unique blend of competitions, entertainment, and local customs, the Ekka continues to be a source of pride for Queenslanders and a must-visit event for visitors to the region.