Children's Day in Armenia

Children's Day in Armenia: A Celebration of Joy and Innocence

Children's Day is a special event in Armenia, dedicated to celebrating the happiness and innocence of childhood. In Armenia, this event is called "Mankakan Or" and it is celebrated on June 1st every year, coinciding with the International Children's Day.


The celebration of Children's Day in Armenia dates back to the Soviet era when the country was part of the Soviet Union. The Soviet Union adopted the holiday in 1949 to promote the well-being and rights of children, following the United Nations' Declaration of the Rights of the Child. After gaining independence in 1991, Armenia continued to celebrate this important day, acknowledging the significance of nurturing and protecting the younger generation.


National customs for Children's Day in Armenia

On Children's Day, various events and activities are organized across the country to entertain and educate children. Schools, kindergartens, and other educational institutions often hold special programs, including theatrical performances, concerts, and exhibitions of children's artwork. Public parks, amusement centers, and playgrounds become the main gathering spots for families, as they are filled with various games, contests, and sports activities designed for children.

Many organizations and businesses also offer free or discounted services for children on this day. For example, museums, zoos, and cinemas may provide free entry, while restaurants and cafes might offer special menus and discounts for kids. Additionally, the government and non-governmental organizations often collaborate to organize charity events and provide help to children from vulnerable families or those living in orphanages.

Local customs for Children's Day in Armenia

While the national customs are observed throughout the country, some regions in Armenia may have their own unique ways of celebrating Children's Day. Local communities may organize cultural events, showcasing traditional Armenian music, dances, and crafts. These events not only entertain children but also help them learn about their cultural heritage and history.

In some rural areas, families may celebrate Children's Day by spending time outdoors, picnicking in nature, and enjoying the beautiful Armenian countryside. This allows children to connect with the natural environment and create lasting memories with their friends and families.


Children's Day in Armenia is a time to cherish the joy and innocence of childhood, promote the well-being and rights of children, and create memorable experiences for the younger generation. Through various national and local customs, Armenians come together on June 1st every year to celebrate the importance of nurturing and protecting the future of their nation.