Flag Day in Argentina

Flag Day, known as "Día de la Bandera" in Argentina, is a national holiday celebrated on June 20th each year. The day commemorates the death of Manuel Belgrano, the creator of the Argentine flag, and the anniversary of the first time the flag was raised in battle.


Flag Day in Argentina was first celebrated in 1938, initiated by President Roberto M. Ortiz, though it was not declared a national holiday until 1974. The day was chosen to honor Manuel Belgrano, a key figure in Argentina's fight for independence from Spain. On June 27, 1812, Belgrano raised the flag for the first time during the Battle of Paraná against Spanish forces. The flag's colors, light blue and white, are said to represent the Virgin Mary, who was often depicted wearing blue and white garments.


National customs for Flag Day in Argentina

Flag Day in Argentina is a day of national pride, and Argentineans celebrate it by displaying their country's flag prominently in homes, schools, and public buildings. In schools, students and teachers participate in activities related to the history of the flag, the life of Manuel Belgrano, and the importance of patriotism. The Argentine government also organizes various official events, such as military parades and speeches by political leaders, to commemorate the day.

Local customs for Flag Day in Argentina

In Rosario, the city where the first flag was raised, Flag Day celebrations are especially significant. Every year, thousands of people gather at the National Flag Memorial to participate in various events, such as concerts, parades, and cultural performances. The highlight of the celebration is usually a speech by the President of Argentina, who addresses the nation from the steps of the monument.

Other cities and towns across Argentina also organize local celebrations, often featuring folk music, dancing, and traditional Argentine foods. In some places, communities come together to create large murals or displays with the Argentine flag's colors and symbols.


Flag Day in Argentina is an important celebration of national identity and pride. The day honors the flag's creator, Manuel Belgrano, and the pivotal role the flag played in Argentina's struggle for independence. From the country's capital to small towns, Argentineans proudly display their flag and participate in various customs and events that highlight their shared history and values.