Whit Monday in Anguilla

Whit Monday, also known as Pentecost Monday, is a public holiday in Anguilla, a small Caribbean island and British overseas territory. Whit Monday is celebrated on the day after Pentecost, which falls on the seventh Sunday after Easter. As the date of Easter varies each year, the date of Whit Monday also changes accordingly, usually falling between mid-May and mid-June.


Whit Monday has been celebrated in Anguilla since the island's early history as a British colony. The holiday is rooted in Christianity and commemorates the descent of the Holy Spirit upon the followers of Jesus Christ, as described in the New Testament of the Bible. This event is considered to mark the birth of the Christian Church.

The term "Whit" is derived from the Old English word "hwita," meaning "white," which refers to the white garments worn by the newly baptized Christians during Pentecost. While the celebration of Pentecost dates back to the early Christian Church, the observance of Whit Monday as a public holiday in Anguilla is a reflection of its British colonial heritage, as it was a bank holiday in the United Kingdom until 1971.


National customs for Whit Monday in Anguilla

Whit Monday is a public holiday in Anguilla, and as such, most schools, government offices, and businesses are closed for the day. The day is observed with church services, where attendees may wear white clothing to symbolize the purity and renewal of the Holy Spirit. Prayers, hymns, and sermons related to the Pentecost story are common during these services.

Local customs for Whit Monday in Anguilla

While Whit Monday is primarily a religious holiday in Anguilla, it is also an opportunity for the island's residents to spend time with family and friends, enjoying outdoor activities and picnics. In some communities, there may be small-scale events such as sports competitions, cultural activities, or community gatherings in celebration of Whit Monday. Due to the island's strong maritime heritage, boat races are also a popular activity during this holiday.


Whit Monday is an important public holiday in Anguilla, with deep roots in the island's Christian tradition and British colonial history. The day is marked by religious observances, as well as opportunities for rest, relaxation, and community engagement. While customs may vary by community, the shared significance of Whit Monday in Anguilla serves as a reminder of the island's spiritual and cultural heritage.